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STROBE POWER SUPPLIES WHELEN AIRCRAFT LIGHTING aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1128 About CometFlash Whelen Engineering is proud to have pioneered and introduced the CometFlash CF, a major advancement in the field of safety lighting. By pulsing the flash tube four times in rapid succession, the effective "on-time" of the strobe is increased from 2 /1000 of a second to 4 /10 of a second. This increases your airplane's visibility. The development of the CometFlash reflects Whelen's dedication to safety. How to Choose a Power Supply The power supply system you choose determines the number of lights you can add to your airplane. The HDA,CF is our most versatile and advanced power supply made for two or three lights and offers the choice of alternate flashing, simultaneous flashing or both. The HTS,CF is designed for installation adjacent to the strobe light head assembly thus eliminating long runs of high voltage cables. It powers one light and a simple connection to another HTS,CF provides simultaneous flashing. The HT,CF is our most economical power supply when adding only one light. The HT,CF is designed for installation adjacent to the strobe light head assembly. The compact size gives it unparalleled versatility. All power supplies can operate between 13-30 V DC. Strobe system tester. Designed to determine whether power supply is operating normally. Kit contains trouble-shooting procedures. Also contains adapter for testing certain Grimes and Hoskins strobe systems. Part No. Description 01-0765246-00 Strobe system tester Model HDACF Series strobe power supply. FAA-PMA APPROVED. The HDACF Series is the finest power supply available. It has the capacity for simultaneous flashing, alternate flashing or both. Wing outputs can be disabled when trigger function is engaged. A two light mode alternate flashing produces a combined total of 42 joules to each light while a two light mode simultaneous flashing produces a combined total of 21 joules to each light. A three light mode produces a combined total of 21 joules to each simultaneous light alternating with a third light with a combined total of 42 joules. Supersedes HD, HD-T2, HD-T3, HDA-DF. Weight: 2.10 lbs.; length: 5.50"; width: 5.0"; height: 2.37". 10 - 30 VDC. Model A490ATSCF Series strobe power supply. FAA-PMA APPROVED. The A490ATSCF Series produces an accumulated 34 joules of energy. It can be equipped to flash simultaneously with up to 5 other HTS,CF power supplies by connecting an 18 gauge wire between the synchronization mechanisms in each power supply. An 18 gauge low voltage wire supplies power to each HTS power supply. Weight: 1.70 lbs.; length: 5.0"; width: 3.12"; height: 3.06". Power Flash Model No. Part No. Description Consumption Rate HDACF 01-0770028-05* Strobe power supply 7.0 A @ 14 V DC 90 5 FPM alternating 3.5 A @ 28 V DC 50 5 FPM simultaneously * Installation requires one 01-750206-00 package for two lights and one 01-0750205-00 package for three lights. Power Flash Supply Model No. Part No. Description Consumption Rate Per Light A490ATSCF 01-0770062-03* Strobe power supply 4.0 A @ 14 V DC 50 5 FPM 1 2.0 A @ 28 V DC * When ordering, request one A490ATSCF (01-0770062-03) power supply per light and one 01-0750216-00 installation kit per system Note: Parts without FAA approval may be purchased, however, installation of these parts on U.S. type certified aircraft may require additional approvals. Refer to Whelen Model to Part No. List at the end of this section for complete part numbers. HDACF Series A490ATSCF Series

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