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STRATOFLEX HOSE & FITTINGS aviall.com aviall ability 113 171 PTFE HOSE & FITTINGS Ordering Information for Standard Items 1. Hose assembly: Straight-to-straight or straight-to-single elbow example: 170001-8 CR-0185 Basic hose assembly number Assembly length in inches. Last digit is eighths of an inch. Size ( 1 /2" O.D. tube size) in 1 /16" See material note below Basic hose assembly part numbers may be modified to add a sleeve or coil by the insertion of a code letter between the basic hose number and the configuration. Code letters and accessories described on pages 132. 170F001-8CR-0185 Basic part number with 2650-13 firesleeve and 10781-4-22CR clamps Double elbow example: 171060 E 0185 C 180 Basic hose assembly number Size ( 1 /2" O.D. tube size) In 1 /16" Size code for double elbow hose assemblies Dash Size -4 -6 -8 -10 -12 -16 SF Code Letter B D E F G H Material: Unless otherwise noted, conforms to applicable specifications. C or CR Stainless steel conforming to application AS or MS standards. CL Same as CR except lockwire holes in nut. Other materials: Titanium, Inconel, etc.available on special order. Length measurement: length is measured along hose centerline from end of nipple to end of nipple Note: For additional information on special materials or accessories not shown, contact Aviall. Note: Unless otherwise noted, dimensions shown herein are nominal and are subject to change without notice. Note: This differs from many MS and AS part numbers for flareless and beam seal fittings. See page 114. 2. Identification bands: An example of identification bands used when required for hose assemblies confirming TSO-C75 follows: Twist angle (180 - see page 114) See material note below Assembly length in inches. Last digit is eighths of an inch.

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