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POSITION LIGHTS WHELEN AIRCRAFT LIGHTING aviall ability aviall.com 1151 Model W1555A tail-mounted position light. FAA-TSO-C30b TYPE III APPROVED. The W1555A position light features two 25 W halogen lamps separately controlled by an electronic switch. If the primary light fails, the second lamp is electronically activated. Please specify horizontal or vertical mounting and voltage,14 V or 28 V. Unit is supplied with a 3-position AMP connector. Weight: 0.10 lbs.; diameter: 1.06"; exposed height: 1.4" . Model W1750 electronic switch. NOT FAA APPROVED* The W1750 electronic switch is needed for proper operation of the W1555A Series tail position lights. Specify 14 or 28 volts. Weight: 0.10 lbs.; length: 2.52"; width: 2.28"; height: 1.06" . Model 70486 wingtip position light. NOT FAA APPROVED* The 70486 Series wingtip position light uses a 26 W incandescent lamp and is designed for use under wingtip fairing. Used on Fairchild Metros. Replaces 30-1661-( ). Weight: 0.20 lbs.; length: 1.96"; width: 1.96"; exposed height: 1.16" . Mounting Power Model No. Part No. Position Consumption Approvals W1555AV1 01-0770551-00 Vertical 2 A @ 14 V DC Type III W1555AV2 01-0770551-01 Vertical 1 A @ 28 V DC Type III W1555AH1 01-0770551-02 Horizontal 2 A @ 14 V DC Type III W1555AH2 01-0770551-03 Horizontal 1 A @ 28 V DC Type III Model No. Part No. Description Power Consumption W1750 02-0250106-00 Electronic switch 5 A (maximum) Power Model No. Part No. Description Consumption Lens Color 7048601 01-0770486-01 Wingtip position light 1 A @ 28 V DC Red 7048602 01-0770486-02 Wingtip position light 1 A @ 28 V DC Green Model 70966 LED tail position light. TSO-C30b, Type III, FAA/PMA PENDING.* The LED feature light provides a high quality, long-lasting (20,000 hours) alternative to incandescent and halogen tail position lights. It offers significant technological upgrades over previous products and reduced power consumption. No EMI or RFI interference. Weight: 0.30 lbs.; length: 2.60"; width: 1.74"; exposed height: 1.64" . Power Model No. Part No. Description Remarks Consumption 7096600 01-0770966-00 LED tail position light No connectors 3 A @ 28 V DC 7096601 01-0770966-01 LED tail position light Case ground connectors 3 A @ 28 V DC used on Beechjet * Parts without FAA approval may be purchased, however, installation of these parts on U.S. type certified aircraft may require additional approvals. Refer to Whelen Model to Part No. List at the end of this section for complete part numbers.

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