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STATIC SHIELDING & WIRE MARKERS 3M STATIC SHIELDING aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1172 1900 metal-in static shielding bag. 1900 static shielding bags are an economical alternative shielding bag for less demanding applications where testing and reusing bags are not prime considerations. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 05113871610 00051138716103 10" x 30" 100 per package 05113874795 00051138747954 12" x 18" 100 per package 05113874798 00051138747985 16" x 24" 100 per package 05113871404 00051138714048 18" x 24" 100 per package 40PR Clear anti-static tape. Pre-printed with the static symbol this tape is a 1 mil conformable polyester film tape with an anti-static conductive polymer adhesive. 3" plastic core. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 05113847775 00051138477752 1" x 72 yards 12 per case 620 Manual dispenser for anti-static tapes, with base. For use with 3M anti-static tapes 40 and 42. Part No. UPC Quantity 05113848011 00051138480110 1 2389 Monitor/table mat interconnect cord. The 3M monitor/table mat interconnect cord 2389 is a 10 ft. straight cord with male snap fasteners at each end and no resistors. It is used to interconnect two monitored work surfaces together. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 05113855495 00051138554958 10 ft. 1 724 Wrist strap workstation monitor. Continuously verifies the resistance of the operator and work- surface grounding connections. Complete with a quick connect/disconnect 732 remote jack and mounting hardware. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 05113855919 00051138559199 10 ft. 1 STD-0-9 ScotchCode TM wire marker tape dispenser. Dispenser is filled with 10 rolls of numbered tape (one each of 0-9). Part No. UPC Description Quantity 12174 54007121749 Wire marker tape dispenser 25 per case Static Shielding Wire Markers WARNING - UPC numbers are provided to assist in finding MSDS and technical data information on 3M's website. Generally, Aviall sells in single unit quantities. UPC numbers define not only the product, but the quantity as well (such as individual containers, cases or pallets). The UPC's shown are not necessarily for individual quantities. Ordering using the UPC number may result in your receiving a case or pallet of material. 1900 metal-in shielding bag STD-0-9 ScotchCode TM wire marker tape dispenser 724 Wrist strap workstation monitor 2389 Monitor/table mat interconnect cord 620 Manual dispenser for anti-static tapes 40PR Clear anti-static tape

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