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COMPASSES AIRPATH COMPASSES aviall ability aviall.com 1177 Overhaul manuals. Part No. Description NAVAER05-15-606 Overhaul manual civil aircraft NAVWEPS05-15-102 Overhaul manual military NAVWEPS05-15-103 Overhaul manual military Note: Airpath is in the process of updating their military overhaul manuals, to be completed in 2005. The civilian manual will be updated in 2006. Special order only. Spare Parts Part No. Description C24-716E Forward bracket, overhead C24-727A Bracket, overhead C24-727C Bracket C24-730A Housing (L4P) C24-809 Chart, dev face (without face) C24-811 Screw, dev. face CB21-100M Expansion unit assembly CB21-201M Jewel post CB21-202 Washer, jewel post CB21-232 Cap, jewel post CB21-233 Spring, jewel CB21-250 Jewel post assembly CB21-313 Card assembly (yellow) CB21-313B Card assembly (white) CB21-314 Card retainer assembly CB21-334 Pivot CB21-400A Compensator assembly CB21-400AM Compensator assembly (HP) CB21-512 Spring, bulb ejector CB21-517 Cap, shipping CB21-531F Grommet, insulating CB21-532 Insulator, connect. plate CB21-533 Light tube insulator CB21-550 Obsolete. replace with CB21-560 Connection and contact assembly (AN) CB21-560A Connection and contact contact assembly (AN) CB21-560B Connection and contact contact assembly (AN) CB21-580B Connection and contact contact assembly (AQU) CB21-580R Connection and contact contact assembly (AQU) CB21-582 Bulb holder assembly (AQU) CB21-587B Blue filter CB21-601-4 Bezel assembly (AN) CB21-601-5A Bezel assembly (AQU) CB21-602 Screw, bezel (fat head) CB21-602M Screw, bezel and back CB21-709 Filler cap CB21-710A Washer, friction CB21-715 Washer, spring, filler cap CB21-736 Gasket, filler cap (rubber) CB21-902 Gasket, expansion unit CB21-913-5A Lens (AQU) CB21-913-AN3 Lens (AN) CB21-913X Lens (standard) CB21-914H Gasket, bezel seal CB21-915G Gasket, bezel spacer CB21-920 Coverplate, compensator CB21-924 Lubber Line (AN yellow) CB21-924B Lubber Line (AQU white) CB21-924C Lubber Line (AN White) CB21-925 Coverplate, compensator CB-231 Jewel, mounted CB-520C Bolt, connector CB-633 Screw, right hand coverplate (standard) CB-633A Screw, left hand coverplate CB-633B Screw, right hand coverplate Spare Parts Part No. Description 327 Bulb (24 V) 328 Bulb (6 V) 330 Bulb (12 V) 2-56-2-RBT Bolt, Identification plate 2-56-2-VB Screw, light lock 2-56-3-VB Screw, light 2-56-4-FBC Screw, light attachment 327R Bulb (24 V-red) 4-1/4-BHSMS Screw, dev. card 4-48-10-VB Screw, bracket front 4-48-4-VBX Screw, left hand coverplate 4-48-5/8-VB Screw, bracket rear 6-32-BX Nut, overhead bracket AP1000 Compass fluid, quart AP4000 Compass fluid, gallon C21-100 Diaphragm C21-400 Compensator assembly (standard) C21-736 Gasket, filler plug (teflon) C23-313 Card assembly C23-313F Card assembly C23-601 Bezel assembly (non-lighted) C23-601-4 Bezel assembly (lighted) C23-709 Filler plug C23-805 Holder, deviation card C23-805D Holder, deviation card C23-805M Holder, deviation card C23-806 Window, deviation card C23-807 Deviation card C23-808 Deviation card (Piper) C23-924 Lubber line (standard) C24-101B Stop, diaphragm C24-102 Back, aneroid C24-102A Back, aneroid C24-102C Back, aneroid C24-550 Light assembly (red) CB21-560 Connector and contact assembly (AN) C24-102A Back, aneroid CB21-560A Connector and contact assembly (AN) C24-102C Back, aneroid CB21-560B Connector and contact assembly (AN) C24-550 Light assembly (red) C24-550B Light assembly (white) C24-702D Face, streamline (L4VT) C24-702F Face, streamline (with dev) C24-702G Face, streamline (obsolete) C24-702M Face, streamline (L4P) replaces obsolete C24-702E and C24-702G C24-702S Face, streamline (C2400P) C24-702S Face for C2400P C24-703B Housing C24-703K Housing C24-703L Bracket (C2350) C24-710 Bracket, (C2350 L4VM-23) C24-716D Reverse bracket, overhead

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