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COMBUSTION ANALYZERS ALCOR INSTRUMENTS aviall ability aviall.com 1181 Universal cylinder selector (UCS) upgrade unit. Upgrade your EGT without buying a new meter. Upgrade your single-probe 2 1 /4" system to a Combustion Analyzer without having to buy a new meter. The Universal Cylinder Selector (UCS) contains all the necessary contacts and the switch mechanism needed to convert a 2 1 /4" meter to a multiple-probe analyzer. Your meter fits into the UCS box and probes are placed in the exhaust stack of cylinder head. Field installation is a simple operation requiring little aircraft down time. If the upgrading procedure is done in conjunction with an engine overhaul or annual inspection, the installa- tion costs are reduced even more. Part No. Description 80825 Single universal selector switch 80827 Dual universal selector switch 47025 47026 47027 46150 (shown with 80825) 46125 (shown with 80825) 46126 (shown with 80825) 46127 (shown with 80825) 46164 (shown with 80825) 46151 (shown with 80825) Alcor aviation combustion analyzers. Optimize fuel economy and detect engine problems in their early stages. Alcor's aviation combustion analyzers provide optimum mixture control information by locating a thermocouple on each cylinder. This enables the pilot to identify the "leanest" cylinder, which is the key to increased economy and range. A much greater advantage of the combustion analyzer is its ability to locate and define engine problems before they become malfunctions or dangerous failures. Part No. Description 47025 Dual EGT analyzer 47026 CHT/EGT analyzer 47027 Dual CHT analyzer 46150 EGT meter 46126 CHT/EGT meter 46164 EGT meter with TR 46125 Dual EGT meter 46127 Dual CHT meter 46151 CHT meter

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