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ARTEX TSO C126 ELTs aviall ability aviall.com 1187 EMERGENCY LOCATOR TRANSMITTERS ELT to NAV interface/with 24-bit programmer. COSPAS/SARSAT & FAA TSO C126 APPROVED. This system is designed to be connected between the aircraft's flight management computer (FMC) or a GPS receiver and Artex' 110-406 NAV series of ELTs. This unit will, upon activation, allow the ELT to transmit the latitude and longitude of the aircraft to the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite system. It will also program the ELT with the "Mode-S 24-Bit Aircraft ID" assigned to aircraft using TCAS. Part No. Description 455-6500 ELT to NAV interface Commercial/military remote switch kit. Can be substituted into above systems. Part No. Description Color 455-9700 Remote switch kit Black 455-9701 Remote switch kit Gray Gables DZUS mounted control panel for Boeing 737. COSPAS/SARSAT, FAA TSO C126 AND BOEING APPROVED. Part No. Description 455-0161 DZUS mounted control panel Components for C406-1, C406-2, B406-4 & ELT to NAV Interface Part No. Description 110-320 Rod antenna (121.5/243.0 and 406.025 MHz) 350 knots 110-337 High-speed blade antenna (121.5/243.0 and 406.025 MHz) Mach 1.0 130-4004 Buzzer for ELT C406 Series and B406-4 455-6196 Remote switch kit 452-0133 LiMnO 2 battery pack for ELT C406 Series and B406-4 (5 year) 452-5052 Mounting frame cap assembly 452-3052 Mounting frame top 452-5050 Mounting frame base 453-9010 Test set, SARSAT Beacon for 110-406 NAV 453-9010-01 Test set, SARSAT Beacon for C406-2 and B406 453-5000 C406-2 transmitter only 453-5001 C406-2HM transmitter only 453-5002 C406-1 transmitter only 453-5003 C406-1HM transmitter only 453-5004 B406-4 transmitter only 455-7421 Installation kit for C406 Series and B406-4 455-9700 Commercial/military remote switch kit, black 455-9701 Commercial/military remote switch kit, gray 611-6013-04 Teflon coax cable, BNC/BNC 6 ft. (121.5/243 MHz) 611-6052 Teflon coax cable, TNC/TPS 6 ft. (406 MHz)

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