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SCOTT OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 1191 TEMPERATURE & PRESSURE GAUGES The AVOX gauges for measuring oil temperatures, oil pressures, and exterior air temperatures are built to produce accurate, reliable data for light aircraft owners or pilots. In addition, AVOX quality design and construction ensure quick adaptability and easy installation in various size panel openings ranging from 2 1 /16" to 2 3 /4" diameter. The outside air temperature gauge, which mounts through the windshield or cowling, is calibrated in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Outstanding features: Dependable accuracy Rugged construction Precision fit Model 13343-01/13340-00 Model 13340-00 Model 13343-01 Model 13340-00 oil temperature gauge. AVOX 100 F to 250 F oil temperature gauges are quality- built instruments of proven dependability. Model 13340-00 kit (see diagram above) is designed for panel holes of 2 1 /16" diameter to 2 1 /8" diameter and equipped with an adapter to fit 5 /8"-18 female thread and up to 2 3 /4" diameter. For panel holes exceeding 2 1 /8" diameter and up to 2 3 /4" diameter, accessory washers are available for easy installation (two required). Capillary tubes for AVOX oil temperature gauges are a standard 5' long. Part No. Description 13340-00 RN2100 oil temperature gauge 2677-00 Accessory washer Model 13343-01 oil pressure gauge. The AVOX 0 to 120 psi oil pressure gauge is an accurate, economy-priced, automotive-type instrument for light aircraft. Like AVOX oil temperature gauges, it is designed for panel holes of 2 1 /16" diameter to 2 1 /8" diameter, but with two furnished washers, AVOX oil pressure gauge can be easily and securely adapted to panel holes of 2 1 /8" diameter to 2 3 /4" diameter. Inlet thread is 1 /8"-27 NPTF. Note: Case and bezel dimensions are the same on oil temperature and oil pressure models (see diagram above). Part No. Description 13343-01 RN2500 oil pressure gauge

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