Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 1202 Avionics & Instruments

HELICOPTER & SPECIAL PURPOSE HEADSETS DAVID CLARK HEADSETS aviall ability aviall.com 1202 Models H10-56HXL and H10-56HXP. Dramatically reduces low frequency sound associated with helicopters. Complete with portable battery-powered module that provides up to 60 hours. The H10-56HXL with permanent panel-mount module that runs off your aircraft's power source. Part No. Description H10-56HXL With portable battery power module H10-56HXP With permanent panel mount module Models H10-66. Designed for use with both high and low impedance systems. Select switch on dome matches headset to system impedance. Ideal for fleet operations. Certified Noise Reduction rating (NNR) 27 dB. Part No. Description H10-66 Noise attenuating helicopter headset Models H10-66XL. Same as H10-66 but with ENC technology and enhanced comfort features. Significantly reduces low frequency noise and provides increased attenuation with ENC activated. Coil cord with single plug connects the battery-powered module to aircraft radio or intercom. Certified Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 27 dB. Part No. Description H10-66XL Dual impedance ENC headset

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