Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 1204 Avionics & Instruments

HEADSET ACCESSORIES DAVID CLARK HEADSETS aviall ability aviall.com 1204 Super-Soft, Double-Foam Headpad. Wider with 60% more surface area to dissipate headset weight for greater comfort. Unique center "hinge" allows headpad to breathe. Will upgrade most David Clark Company H10-series headsets. Part No. Description 40688G36 Headpad Comfort-Gel Undercut Earseals. Patented undercut design provides more interior room for your ears and reduces headband pressure for added comfort. Standard on all David Clark Company aviation headsets. Part No. Description 40863G02 Gel earseals (pair) Comfort Cover. Soft double-knit, 100% cotton earseal cover. Perfect for hot, humid weather. Absorbs perspiration. Washable. Fits over all foam-filled earseals. Not recommended for use with ENC headsets. Part No. Description 22658G01 Comfort cover (pair) Contoured Gel Earseals. Contoured gel earseals for H20 Series headsets. Part No. Description 40243G05 Contoured gel earseals (pair) Stop Gap Eyeglass Cushions. Slipped onto the eyeglass temple piece, Stop Gaps assure a comfortable fit and help to prevent noise leakage. Part No. Description 12500G02 Stop Gap eyeglass cushions (pair) Microphone Protectors. Microphone protectors fit over the microphone to reduce wind and ambient cockpit noise while transmitting. Part No. Description 18434G02 For M-1 microphones 40062G01 For M-4 microphones 40062G02 For M-7 microphones Foam-Filled Earseals. Soft, dependable, economical foam-filled earseals. Part No. Description 18316G07 Foam-filled earseals (pair)

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