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ANTENNAS DAYTON-GRANGER ANTENNAS aviall ability aviall.com 1208 EMB 10-14 marker beacon antenna. FAA-TSO-C35'd APPROVED. The EMB10-14 marker beacon antenna is designed to mount on the metal undersurface of an aircraft. This location provides an unobstructed downward pattern for the reception of the 75 MHz marker signal. This antenna is constructed of fiberglass and epoxy material. The low profile design creates minimal drag. The one-piece fiberglass radome is securely bonded to an aluminum base which is chemically treated to resist corrosion. Internal components are foamed in place to avoid problems incurred in aircraft shock and vibration. NSN: 5985-01-271-3358. White polyurethane finish 50 ohms impedance Downward looking radiation pattern BNC Connector Horizontal polarization Receive only power 600 knot speed rating Part No. Frequency VSWR Weight Height Vibration Shock Temperature EMB10-14 75 MHz 2.0:1 1.0 lbs. 2.8" 6 g 15 g -62 C to +71 C (0.45 kg) (71.1 mm)

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