Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 1212 Avionics & Instruments

ANTENNAS DAYTON-GRANGER ANTENNAS aviall ability aviall.com 1212 VHF10-222 VHF communications antenna. FAA-TSO-C37b, C38b APPROVED. The VF10-222 is a vertically polarized VHF communications antenna which operates over the frequency range of 116 to 150 MHz. The swept back design lowers the antennas drag characteristics. The antenna is constructed of a fiberglass radome encapsulating the radiating element. The internal components are foamed in place to avoid problems incurred in aircraft shock and vibration. White polyurethane finish 50 ohms impedance Omnidirectional radiation pattern BNC connector 100 watt power 600 knot speed rating Fiberglass construction Part No. Frequency Polarization VSWR Weight Height VF10-222 116-150 MHz Vertical 2.0:1 @ 118-136 MHz 2.5 lbs. 12.5" 3.5:1 @ 116-150 MHz (1.13 kg) (317 mm)

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