Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 1214 Avionics & Instruments

ANTENNAS DAYTON-GRANGER ANTENNAS aviall ability aviall.com 1214 VF10-210 VHF communications antenna. FAA-TSO-C37c, C38c APPROVED. The VF10-210 is a vertically polarized VHF communications antenna which operates over the frequency range of 118 to 136 MHz. The antenna consists of an aluminum base with a fiberglass whip surrounding the radiating element. Damage from destructive environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, moisture intrusion, and sudden altitude changes, which would degrade antenna performance, are eliminated by filling the interior cavity with lightweight foam. White polyurethane finish Fiberglass whip 50 ohms impedance BNC connector Vertical polarization 25 watt power 250 knot speed rating Part No. Frequency VSWR Weight Height VF10-210 118-136 MHz 2.5:1 1.0 lbs. 18.7" (0.45 kg) (475 mm)

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