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STRATOFLEX HOSE & FITTINGS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 122 171 PTFE FLARE HOSE ASSEMBLIES Assembly length L Hose length H Example: 171115E0185C180 AS158 (MS27368) Left Hand Right Hand Cut Factor 12" Assembly Part No. Hose Hose Fitting Hose Fitting H Weight lbs.** H 171115B(L)C* 171-4 29728-4-4CR 1.50 L-1.52 0.22 171115D(L)C* 171-6 29728-6-6CR 2.50 L-1.78 0.38 171115E(L)C* 171-8 29728-8-8CR 2.88 L-1.88 0.59 171115F(L)C* 171-10 29728-10-10CR 29728-10-10CR 3.25 L-2.40 0.86 171115G(L)C* 171-12 29528-12-12CR 29528-12-12CR 4.00 L-2.62 1.51 171115H(L)C* 171-16 29528-16-16CR 29528-16-16CR 5.00 L-3.34 2.35 AS158 (MS27368) *Twist angle. See page 65. ** Nominal weight for basic hose. Estimated maximum weight is 110% value shown Assemblies with flare fittings. 90 elbow-to-90 elbow. Example of Part Number 171141-8 CR-0185 Assembly length (L) in inches. Last digit is eighths of an inch. Fitting material code Size (0.500 tube) Basic part no. 171F141 Basic part no. with 2650 firesleeve and 10781 clamps Hose assemblies with flareless fittings meet the requirements of AS1339 (formerly MIL-H-38360) and AS (MS) drawings referenced. Fittings mate with AS4375/AS33514 type connectors. Assembly length measured from. See "Measurement of Flareless Hose Assemblies" (page 65) to convert to/from gage point to gage point assembly length. End of nipple to end of nipple. Note: This differs from many MS and AS part numbers for flareless and beam seal fittings. See page 65. 171 PTFE Flareless Hose Assemblies Assembly length L Hose length H

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