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LIGHTNING DIVERTER TAPE DAYTON-GRANGER ANTENNAS aviall ability aviall.com 1228 Strikeguard. Consists of finely deposited aluminum particles epoxied on a flexible substrate with an extremely strong adhesive backing. The aluminum particles have an oxidation coating permitting the strip to measure open circuit at DC potentials; however, at during lightning attachment, the initial streamers and subsequent after-strikes are directed to the appropriate position on the aircraft. The strip is designed to take multiple strikes. The strip measures 1 /2" wide and can be any desired length. Part No. Description 16180 Strikeguard lightning diverter tape 16470 Application roller tool * Contact your Aviall representative for specific application requirement details Diamond transtrike high performance lightning diverter strips. The ultimate RF transparent radome lightning protection. The radome of an aircraft, an ideal location for radar and glideslope antennas, is highly vulnerable to lightning strikes. These radome-housed antennas are the main source of ionized streamers created at the aircraft nose by high stress fields. Streamers can pass through an unprotected radome, providing a potential path for a main lightning strike. A strike usually causes antenna and/or avionics damage, as well as severe radome damage. If the hit is severe, the aircraft can be endangered by flying debris, excessive drag, loss of radar capability, and false air speed indications because of change in airflow. Part No. Description CONTACT AVIALL Diamond Transtrike Ultraguard . This new improved lightning diverter strip consist of a series of rectangular segments that produces a lower breakdown voltage than conventional diverter strips. The new elongated rectangle design reduces the number of segments per given length. With fewer segments per length, there are fewer air gaps to be ionized during a lightning strike. The segments are much smaller than the radar frequency wavelength and thus are transparent to aircraft radar. Ultraguard is transparent to RF energy up through approximately 40 GHz. Typically, a 30", long diverter strip with round segments ionizes at approximately 40-60 KV. A 30" strip of Ultraguard with the same voltage applied ionizes at under 20 KV. This lower voltage represents a substantial advantage in protection of aircraft radomes and the equipment located inside. All Dayton-Granger diverter strips are custom fit to your specific aircraft and are manufactured in three colors: white, black, and gray. For more information please contact your Aviall representative for specific application requirement details. Part No. Description CONTACT AVIALL Ultraguard

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