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COMMUNICATION ANTENNAS EDO ANTENNAS & ACCESSORIES aviall ability aviall.com 1230 DM C50 series VHF antennas. EXCEEDS SPEC MIL-A-9094C; TSO 37d AND 38d APPROVED. The unique design of this blade antenna duct offers the best available electrical performance. The DM C50 is the lowest cost, lightest weight and strongest blade antenna in current use on commercial jet aircraft. It features: maximum protection against corona and direct impact p-static; unique ruggedness (withstands 10 G at resonance for one million cycles); lightning protection of associated equipment as well as antenna; factory replaceable leading edge; hot air duct for use, when required, in top locations directly forward of a jet engine as on the Boeing 727 or a Douglas DC-10. An extra-strength version for use on unimproved runways is also available (stainless steel leading edge; weight increase 14 oz.). Consult Aviall for available mounting bolt patterns. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight DMC50-1 VHF antenna 116-156 MHz <2:1 <3.5 lbs. DMC50-2 VHF antenna 116-156 MHz <2:1 <4.375 oz. (extra-strength version) DM C50-17 VHF antenna. The DM C50-17 series VHF communication antennas have incorporated design improvements to enhance corona threshold, corrosion protection, and drag characteristics. The DM C50-17 series provides the lightest weight and strongest blade antenna at lower cost for current use on com- mercial jet aircraft. In addition to its low initial price, further cost reductions are realized due to the weight and drag reduction of the antenna. The fuel savings per shipset is calculated to be 160.5 gallons per aircraft per year. The DM C50-17 antenna has been selected as original equipment for the Boeing 757 and 767, and 777 aircraft. Other models in the DM C50-17 series can also be used on Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747; Douglas DC-8, DC-9, and DC-10; Aerospatiale A300 series; and other commercial aircraft. Many of the DM C50-17 series are interchangeable with other types of antennas presently in use. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMC60-1 DM C50-17 VHF antenna 116-156 MHz 2.0:1 3.3 lbs. C female DM C57-1 low profile metal blade radio telephone antenna. The DM C57-1 antenna has achieved a design breakthrough that has not compromised performance. Previous designs were six to seven inches high and heavier. The DM C57-1 is only 3.5 inches high and weighs 8 oz. The DM C57-1 operates with all airborne radio telephone systems in the 450-470 MHz frequency range. Reduced maintenance costs are achieved through the use of this low profile, all metal blade as a result of its unequalled mechanical strength and built-in reliability. The DM C57-1 is currently in use and field-proven on business and commercial aircraft. This low-drag antenna has extremely high side load strength and its construction is completely sealed to prevent damage from moisture, Skydrol, or other contaminants. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMC57-1 DM C57-1 low profile 450-470 MHz <2.0:1 at 8 oz. max. N female metal blade radio 454-459 MHz telephone antenna <2.5:1 at 450-470 MHz

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