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NAVIGATION ANTENNAS EDO ANTENNAS & ACCESSORIES aviall ability aviall.com 1232 DM H69-1 quadraplexer antenna coupler. MEETS MIL-E-5400 CLASS II. The DM H69-1 provides, in one small lightweight component, the ability to operate dual NAVS and dual glide slope receivers from one VOR antenna. As with our coupler series, the DM H69-1 is designed to couple multiple systems to the single anten- na with minimum insertion loss but with more than adequate isolation to prevent intersystem crosstalk. The ruggedly built DM H69-1 is housed in an aluminum case and all circuit components are fully encapsulated for vibration protection as well as waterproof protection. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMH69-1 DM H69-1 quadraplexer 108-118 MHz 2.0:1 max. 5 oz. BNC male antenna coupler 329-335.3 MHz DM H21 through DMH24 antenna couplers. TSO C34c, C35d, C36d, AND C40c APPROVED. These antenna couplers are specifically designed to couple multiple receiver systems to a single antenna with a min- imum of insertion loss. The couplers are designed to electronically split the received signals equally between the systems. In this manner, a single antenna may feed redundant systems or serve a dual-function role (e.g., glide slope and VOR/LOC). The ruggedly built couplers are housed in aluminum cases with all circuit elements fully encapsulated. Part No. Description Frequency Range VSWR Weight Recommended Function DMH21-1 DM H21 antenna coupler 108-118 MHz 1.5:1 0.25 lbs. Dual VOR or dual marker beacon will permit operation of two NAV receivers from one VOR antenna or two marker beacon receivers from one marker beacon antenna DMH22-1 DM H22 antenna coupler 108-118 MHz 1.5:1 0.25 lbs. Single VOR and single GS will permit operation of one 329-335.3 MHz NAV receiver from one VOR antenna DMH23-1 DM H23 antenna coupler 108-118 MHz 1.5:1 0.25 lbs Dual VOR and single GS permits operation of two NAV and 329-335.3 MHz one glide slope receiver from one VOR/LOC antenna DMH24-1 DM H24 antenna coupler 329-335.3 MHz 1.5:1 0.25 lbs Dual glide slope permits operation of two glide slope receivers from one glide slope antenna DM N4-4 antenna system. MEETS MIL-E-5400 AND MIL-T-5422; TSO C40a APPROVED. The DM N4-4 Antenna System has been designed to minimize bearing errors in the reception of VOR and ILS signals. It provides considerably more gain at the horizon (particularly during banks) than do fuselage mounted "deer- horn" or "vee" antennas. It has substantially greater discrimination against vertically polarized signals; and when properly installed on helicopters it provides much greater rejection of rotor modulation than can be obtained with these other antennas. As a result, it provides better signal to noise ratios and smaller errors than is otherwise available. The DM N4-4 Antenna consists of two (approximately semicircular) center-fed half-loops and a cable harness. Because the DM N4-4 has been designed specifically for light planes and heli- copters, lightweight rugged construction has been stressed. It is built of round magnesium tubing and weighs only two pounds. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN4-4 DM N4-4 antenna system 108-122 MHz <5.0:1 2 lbs. BNC female

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