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NAVIGATION ANTENNAS EDO ANTENNAS & ACCESSORIES aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1233 DM N4-15 and DM N4-33 low drag, VOR/LOC balanced loop antennas. TSO C40a APPROVED. The DM N4-15 and DM N4-33 antennas are designed for use on high-performance aircraft where aerodynamic drag and component weight must be held at a minimum. These systems provide increased range and reduced bearing error versus dipole-type installations. Rugged metal edges provide erosion resis- tance; flush glass fiber housings ensure smooth airflow and reduced drag, and each assembly is foam-filled for maximum reliability. The DM N4-15 is intended, primarily, for new aircraft installations, but can be installed as a retrofit when dual-antenna capability is required. The DM N4-33 is intended for retrofit, or antenna modifications, on existing aircraft and is designed for ease of installation. Dual-antenna capability can be obtained by using a DM Hybrid Coupler (H21 series). Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN4-15 DM N4-15 low drag, 108-118 MHz 5.0:1 5.5 lbs. TNC female VOR/LOC balanced loop antenna DMN4-33 DM N4-33 low drag, 108-118 MHz 5.0:1 5.2 lbs. TNC male VOR/LOC balanced loop antenna DM N4-7 and DM N4-8 VOR/LOC balanced loop antennas. MEETS MIL-E-5400, MIL-T-5422, MIL-F-17555, MIL-T-18303, AND MIL-T-18307; TSO C40a APPROVED. Increased VOR/LOC range and mini- mized bearing errors can be achieved with any airborne VOR receiver through the use of these DM N4-7 and DM N4-8. Each DM N4 system utilizes two center-fed, half-loops and a cable harness, enabling "closed loop" current flow. This provides better signal-to-noise ratios and higher rejection of cross-polarized signals. In terms of system performance, this means that smaller signals can be received and bearing errors, particularly those induced by banking, are greatly reduced. These rugged antennas have been selected and service-proven on such aircraft as the Lockheed Jet-star, P-3A, and C-141 Starlifter, Bell UH1B helicopter, Sikorsky H34 heli- copter, Convair 340, Aero Commander, North American Sabreliner, Douglas DC-3, Beech King Air and many other corporate and commercial aircraft. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN4-7 DM N4-7 VOR/LOC 108-122 MHz <5.0:1 4.2 lbs. BNC female balanced loop antenna DMN4-8 DM N4-8 VOR/LOC 108-122 MHz <5.0:1 4.2 lbs. BNC male balanced loop antenna DM N4-17 series VOR/LOC/glide slope antennas. EXCEEDS MIL-E-5400 CLASS III; TSO C34e, C36e, AND C40c APPROVED. The DM N4-17 VOR/LOC/glide slope antenna is designed for general aviation, commercial, and military aircraft that operate up to Mach 1.0. The DM N4-17 is designed and qualified to provide a low-cost, lightweight, low-drag antenna for state-of-the-art avionics systems. Since the antenna is TSO approved and its performance parameters exceed the environmental specifications of MIL-E-5400 Class III equipment, the DM N4-17 can be installed on single-engine to jet-engine aircraft. The balanced loop design of the DM N4-17 assures an omnidirectional radiation pattern at the horizon to obtain the maximum signal for standard VOR and area navigation, which in turn provides more receiving distance and reliable sys- tem performance. The standard system is the DM N4-17/N, which consists of two antenna elements (DM N4-17-1/N), two feed cables and gaskets (DM U212-1 and DM U235-1, respectively), and a phasing cou- pler (DM N4-17-2). Dual output couplers (DM N4-17-4) are available as well. The DM N4-17-1/N and DM N4-17-4 come with DNC female connectors and 27" cables; consult Aviall for other connector types and cable lengths. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN4-17-1N DM N4-17-1/N VOR/ VOR/LOC: 5.0:1 max. 1.32 lbs. BNC female LOC/glide slope antenna 108-118 MHz Glide slope: 329-335.3 MHz DMN4-17-4 DM N4-17-4 VOR/LOC/ VOR/LOC: 5.0:1 max. 1.32 lbs. BNC female glide slope antenna 108-118 MHz Glide slope: 329-335.3 MHz

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