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NAVIGATION ANTENNAS EDO ANTENNAS & ACCESSORIES aviall ability aviall.com 1234 DM N9 series Localizer/VOR/glide slope antennas. MEETS MIL-E-5400. The DM N9-Series antenna provides a dual-band design for both localizer/VOR and glide slope systems for installation within nose radomes on high-performance aircraft. The design incorporates common radiating elements into a single monolithic structure for mounting either on a bulkhead within a radome or to the radome directly. The anten- na is designed with the radiating elements attached to a single curved dielectric window to provide support. In some cases, reinforcing ribs provide structural rigidity and mounting adaptability to the bulkhead for mechanical attachment and electrical grounding to the airframe. The DM N9 series is a balanced bent-back dipole antenna which renders it immune from the nose radar motion. In addition to excellent localizer and glide slope patterns, many users utilize the localizer output for forward-looking VOR as well. Part No. Description Frequency Range VSWR Weight DMN9 DM N9 Localizer/ Localizer/VOR: 108-118 MHz <5.0:1 <2.0 lbs. VOR/glide slope antenna Glide slope: 328.6-335.4 MHz DM N4-45 VOR/LOC antenna. The DM N4-45 continues the DM N4-15 tradition to provide superior VOR/ILS systems performance for high-performance aircraft where aerodynamic drag and weight must be held to a minimum. The DM N4-45 has been designed from the ground up to incorporate the latest develop- ments in structural materials, while retaining the electrical performance so many have come to expect from a balanced loop VOR/LOC antenna. The complete DM N4-45 fit and function have not changed from that of the DM N4-15. While identical in all outward appearances, it incorporates a new integrated radiating boot material design for today's environment. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN4-45 DM N4-45 VOR/LOC antenna 108-118 MHz 5.0:1 5.5 lbs. TNC female DM N23-1/C VOR antenna. The DM N23-1/C, designed for the Boeing 737 aircraft, provides a concept that can be incorporated in many aircraft designs to provide integral VHF navigation systems performance. The electrical design provides two-receiver operation with performance assured for Cat. III conditions. The omnidirectional radiation patterns in the horizontal plane also assure signal levels are more than required for R-NAV systems use. The DM N23-1/C Balanced Loop Array is designed for installation on the tip of the Boeing 737's vertical stabilizer. Unlike most vertical stabilizer VOR antennas, the DM N23-1/C is not freestanding. Rather, the DM N23-1/C antenna system forms a structural component and exterior skin of the stabilizer. Lightning diverters and static discharges are integrated into the antenna system. In addition, both the leading and trailing edges are designed to be replaceable, thereby extending the service life of the antenna system. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN23-1C DM N23-1/C VOR antenna 108-118 MHz 2.3:1 13.25 lbs. C female

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