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NAVIGATION ANTENNAS EDO ANTENNAS & ACCESSORIES aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1235 DM N48 series VOR/LOC balanced loop antennas. The DM N48-Series balanced loop design assures an omnidirectional radiation pattern at the horizon to obtain the maximum signal for standard VOR and area navigation systems installed in lightweight aircraft, medium twins, and helicopters operating up to 250 mph. The DM N48-3 antenna utilizes a phasing coupler which enables ease of installation if an access panel is not available or if the vertical stabilizer is so narrow at the point of installation it makes it necessary to install the antenna with both cable leads forward or aft. Dual VOR receiver operation is obtained when the antennas are used with the DM H21-1 diplexer. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN48-1 DM N48-1 108-118 MHz 5.0:1 1.12 lbs. BNC male VOR/LOC balanced loop antenna DMN48-3 DM N48-3 108-118 MHz 5.0:1 1.12 lbs. BNC male VOR/LOC balanced loop antenna DM N42-1 VOR/LOC loop antenna. TSO C40a, C34b, AND C36c APPROVED. The DM N42-1 is a tail-mounted antenna for use with VOR, localizer and glide slope receivers. It has been specially designed to provide the outstanding electrical performance of a balanced, center-fed loop at minimum cost. The input balun transformer is permanently sealed inside the center housing. Output cables extend from this trans- former, through each side bar, to the feed points at the bulge on each element. This unusual configuration permits reliable, economical installation on aircraft that cruise at speeds up to 230 mph. When properly installed, the antenna receives the horizontally polarized VOR and localizer signals with uniform high sensitivi- ty from all directions around the aircraft over the full VOR/localizer band. Because of the inherent characteris- tics of all balanced loop-type antennas, vertically polarized, error-producing signals are rejected. The antenna also has excellent forward reception over the glide slope band (329-335 MHz) and can be used for this function by adding a DMH22-1 coupler to the system. Antenna assembly includes: DM N42-1 antenna, lead- ing edge mounting bracket and grommet. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN42-1 DM N42-10 VOR/LOC: <5.0:1 1.0 lbs. BNC female VOR/LOC loop antenna 108-118 MHz Glide slope: 329-335 MHz DM N56-1 VOR antenna. TSO C40a AND D0106A APPROVED. The DM N56-1, designed for the Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft, provides a concept that can be incorporated into many aircraft designs to pro- vide integral VHF navigation systems performance. The DM N56-1 freestanding, balanced-loop array is mounted on the tip of a vertical stabilizer and covered with a structural fiberglass housing forming the fin tip. This approach provides a lightweight antenna system utilizing available space for maximum efficiency. The electrical design provides two-receiver operation with performance assured for CAT. III conditions. The omnidirectional radiation patterns in the horizontal plane also assure that signal levels are more than required for R-NAV systems use. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN56-1 DM N56-1 VOR antenna 108-118 MHz 6.0:1 5.25 lbs. C male

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