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NAVIGATION ANTENNAS EDO ANTENNAS & ACCESSORIES aviall ability aviall.com 1236 DM N41-1 glide slope antenna. TSO C34c APPROVED. The DM N41-1 is a center-fed, loop-type anten- na which covers the frequency range of 329 to 335.3 MHz for use with glide slope receivers. When the antenna is mounted on a metal surface, from which there is a forward view, it provides a broad, single radia- tion lobe, pointing forward. The antenna structure consists of a rugged aluminum die casting. Because of the high signal output of the DM N41-1, it is well suited for use with a coupler, such as the H24-1, for dual receiver installations. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN41-1 DM N41-1 329-335.3 MHz <5.0:1 0.5 lbs. BNC female glide slope antenna (UG-89) DMN48-3 DM N48-3 108-118 MHz 5.0:1 1.12 lbs. BNC male VOR/LOC balanced loop antenna DM N25 series glide slope antennas. QUALIFIED FOR VIBRATION, HUMIDITY, TEMPERATURE-ALTI- TUDE SHOCK AND SALT SPRAY PER MIL-T-5422E; TSO C34b APPROVED. The DM N25 Series of glide slope antennas employ a grounded, center-fed loop as the radiating element. The resulting radiation patterns are symmetrical. The DM N25-2 is a dual connector version which incorporates a hybrid. This circuitry effectively isolates the two associated receiving systems providing protection against disablement of both systems in the event of failure in one system. The radiation pattern associated with each DM N25-2 antenna port is identi- cal, so that no coupler drop-out problem during automatic landing occurs. All DM N25 Series antennas pro- vide complete lightning protection for the associated receivers. They are suitable for mounting either external- ly, or within a nose radome. The inherent 180 pattern beam may be modified slightly by the geometry sur- rounding the installation. The DM N25 antennas are recommended for installations in close proximity to radar dish installations since the antenna's (glide slope) sensitivity is relatively unaffected by dish motion. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN25-1 DM N25-1 glide 329-335.3 MHz 5.0:1 8 oz. TNC female slope antenna DMN25-2 DM N25-2 glide 329-335.3 MHz 3.0:1 14 oz. C female slope antenna DMN25-3 DM N25-3 (AT-983) 329-335.3 MHz 3.0:1 8 oz. N female glide slope antenna (Pressurized) DMN27 series marker beacon antenna. QUALIFIED TO MIL-T-5422E; TSO C35c APPROVED. The DM N27 antennas are rugged, lightweight antennas for the reception of 75 MHz marker beacon signals. These low-drag antennas are designed for simple external mounting and require no cutting of airframe structural members. The largest hole required in the skin is for the connector. Moisture-proofing is assured by the dielectric foam-filled, white polyester-fiberglass radomes. These Skydrol-resistant housings are fitted with metal leading edges for erosion protection. The DM N27 antennas are designed to meet the performance specifications of antennas AT-134 and AT-536. Part No. Description Freq. Range VSWR Weight Connectors DMN27-1A DM N27-1/A 74.75-75.25 MHz <1.5:1 at midband 10 oz. TNC female marker beacon antenna <5.0:1 at 74.8-75.2 MHz DMN27-2 DM N27-2 74.75-75.25 MHz <1.5:1 at midband 10 oz. C female marker beacon antenna <5.0:1 at 74.8-75.2 MHz DMN27-3 DM N27-3 74.75-75.25 MHz <1.5:1 at midband 10 oz. BNC female marker beacon antenna <5.0:1 at 74.8-75.2 MHz

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