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EMERGENCY LOCATOR TRANSMITTERS EMERGENCY BEACON LOCATORS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1243 Model GS-21 & GS-52 authorized battery packs. Ensure peak performance and protect your ELT from failure by using only factory authorized replacement batteries. The GS-21 and GS-52 are the only battery packs authorized by Emergency Beacon Corporation for use in an EBC ELT. The use of any non-factory approved battery pack will void the beacon's warranty. There are some very practical reasons for this stringent policy. They work better because they're made better. The GS-21 and GS-52 are 9 Volt alkaline battery packs. These packs are carefully assembled to maximize crash-survivability and preserve cell power. New brand name cells are first tab-welded together and then entirely encapsulated in a non-hazardous epoxy. The potting material is added through a portion-controlled pouring process and totally covers the bottom, top, sides and spaces between the individual cells, virtually eliminating failure-causing air bubbles. All batteries must meet our rigid quality control standards. They are hand inspected for air bubbles in the poured potting material. Finished batteries must pass through a size gauge measuring width, height and depth. They are further tested for proper voltage and visually inspected by the QC department. Because they use proper plastics and epoxies, the GS-21 and GS-52 battery packs are flame resistant. The material's dielectric constants are appropriate for the maximum performance of the transmitter. The wire leads have Teflon insulation which maintains the product's flame resistant integrity. These same materials also protect the battery pack from water, dust, impact, penetration and other environmental hazards. The resultant product is a battery pack of proper weight and balance distribution that fits correctly and is nearly indestructible. An inferior battery may cause your ELT to fail. The GS-21 and GS-52 battery packs are the only batteries known to be consistently compatible with the EBC ELT system. The use of non-factory approved battery packs can cause the final stage of the electronic circuit in the ELT to operate in an "out of tune" condition. Any one of eleven components can fail when operated in an "out of tune" condition. The GS-21 and GS-52 are not merely power sources, but are integral parts of the entire ELT system. Note: All battery packs are time-limited items. Civilian EBC ELTs are required to have their batteries replaced every two years or after one hour of cumulative use. 102 series ELTs take one GS-21 battery pack. 302 series ELTs take two GS-21 battery packs. The GS-52 is used exclusively in the EBC 502 series where only one battery is required. Part No. Description GS21 Battery pack for EBC 102 and 302 series ELT GS52 Battery pack for EBC 502 series ELT

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