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AVIATION HEADSETS PLANTRONICS HEADSETS aviall ability aviall.com 1249 The Reliability, Performance, and No-hands Freedom Aviation Professionals Demand Aviation Headsets Everything you need for in-flight communications is right here in one unit - no fumbling to hold or handle a microphone when you'd rather be flying. To speak, just use your aircraft's own built-in mic switch. There's never any performance penalty for Plantronic's hands-free convenience because the headset is fully adjustable, making it easy to place for optimum transmission clarity. The bottom line is simple: Plantronic's aviation headsets deliver clearer reception and reduced noise. Features include: a set of six pliable eartips for personalized comfort, an acoustic voice tube, a selectable microphone/receiver output, a fully adjustable headband, and a handy storage pouch. Simpler and safer. Easy-to-use, hands-free communications let you keep your hands on the yoke. Crisp, clear sound. Plantronics delivers greater clarity for in-flight communications with technology proven in America's space program. Comfort for the long haul. Light weight and comfortable, so it's easy to wear even on long flights. Easy to talk. Acoustic voice tube design works with your aircraft's built-in mic switches. More choices, more applications. Six models mean a perfect fit for every application. MS50 Ideal for noisy cockpit conditions because the eartip seals out background distractions MS50-35, MS50/T30-3 MS50/T30-2 MS50/T30-1 SMS1459-01 SMS1066-01 Plantronics Part No. Part No. Description Application Connector MS50-35 Unamplified, dynamic mic, 7' cord Commercial aviation 2 plugs, PJ055 & PJ068 MS50T30-1 90100-01 Amplified microphone, (carbon equivalent) 5' cord Commercial aviation 1 plug, PJ068 MS50T30-2 90101-01 Amplified microphone, (carbon equivalent) 5' cord Commercial aviation 2 plugs, PJ055 & PJ068 MS50T30-3 90102-01 Amplified microphone, (carbon equivalent) 5' cord, Light aviation 2 plugs, PJ055 & PJ068 internally-adjusted receiver volume SMS1459-01 91459-01 Unamplified dynamic microphone, 7' cord Commercial aviation, airbus A300 aircraft only 1 plug, AXR-4-11 SMS1066-01 91066-01 Amplified microphone, (carbon equivalent) 5' cord Commercial aviation, airbus A310, A320, A330 1 plug, AXR-5-12 aircraft only HS0177-1B 90165-01 StarSet 1 Commercial aviation 1 plug HS0177-2B 90166-01 StarSet 1 Commercial aviation 2 plugs HS0177-3B 90167-01 StarSet 1 Light aircraft 2 plugs

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