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TELEX HEADSETS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1262 ACTIVE NOISE REDUCTION HEADSETS ANR 4105 headset. The ANR headset is ideal for longer flights where comfort is critical, as well as the perfect solution for pilots who fly more than eight hours per month and want the hearing protection that a quality active noise reduction headset delivers. Flight bag included. Part No. Type 301123-000 ANR 4105 standard battery powered unit 301123-001 ANR 4105 standard panel powered unit 301123-002 ANR 4105 youth battery powered unit 301123-003 ANR 4105 youth panel powered unit 590564-002 Battery pack 71406-002 Panel power adapter ANR 850 headset. The lightest ANR headset available. Up to 12 dB of noise attenuation ensuring the clearest in-flight communication. Weighs less than 4 oz. and has a "set and forget" volume control. No battery pack required. Part No. Type 301317-000 ANR 850 headset 800456-018 Replacement ear cushion 800456-019 Replacement windscreen 590637-000 Replacement clothing grip Stratus 50-D digital ANR headset. The only headset that cuts noise three ways (passive, analog ANR and digital tonal ANR)! Features dual volume controls, high-performance noise canceling electret micro- phone, stereo/mono select switch, and lightweight (18.5 oz.) comfort. Part No. Type 301125-000 Stratus 50-D digital ANR headset Echelon ANR 150. FAA-TSO APPROVED. The best ANR value on the market, with 21 dB passive noise reduction, 14 dB active noise reduction, dual volume controls, and lightweight (18 oz.) comfort. Part No. Type 300714-000 Echelon ANR 150 battery powered unit 300714-001 Echelon ANR 150 panel powered unit Airman ANR 500 headset. FAA-TSO APPROVED. The powerful Airman ANR 500 features wonderfully soft new earcups and an impressive active noise reduction up to 1 dB below 1000 Hz! It weighs just 7 oz. and includes volume control and stereo/mono operation. Part No. Type 300735-002 Airman ANR 500 battery powered unit 300735-003 Airman ANR 500 panel powered unit 590564-002 Battery pack 71406-002 Panel power adapter

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