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TELEX HEADSETS aviall ability aviall.com 1263 Air 3500 headset. FAA-TSO APPROVED. This powerful 13.6 oz. headset sets the standard for passive lightweight noise reduction, with an NRR of 24 dB. Designed for comfort, the headset includes an easy to adjust tension system (patent pending) for proper fit and protection, as well as a new headband design, stereo/mono switch and dual volume controls. Includes foam and gel ear cushions, and carrying case. Part No. Type 300400-000 Air 3500 passive noise reduction 300400-001 Air 3500 HE helicopter PNR Air 3100 headset. FAA-TSO APPROVED. The Air 3100 merges comfort and ear protection with an NRR of 21 dB. This incredibly comfortable headset features a new headband design for more durability, lighter weight and a lower profile; a new easy to adjust tension system (patent pending) is also included. Includes noise can- celling electret mic. Headset collapses for compact storage. Part No. Type 300048-200 Air 3100 collapsible headset Echelon 100. Lightweight (14.2 oz.) headset value features 21 dB passive noise reduction, volume con- trol, and noise cancelling electret mic. Part No. Type 300535-000 Echelon 100 lightweight headset NOISE ATTENUATING HEADSETS

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