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TELEX HEADSETS aviall ability aviall.com 1265 66T. FAA-TSO APPROVED. The 66T high-quality dynamic mic offers superior noise cancellation and voice response in a durable case. A built-in solid state amplifier is adjustable for proper transmitter modulation. Includes straight plug, hang-up bracket and hardware. Also available with a right angle plug. Part No. Type 60837-001 66T dynamic mic 60837-008 66TRA dynamic mic with right angle plug 100TRA. FAA-TSO APPROVED. A high quality noise cancelling dynamic mic, the 100TRA has a push-to-talk switch in front so it fits the hand comfortably. Two-stage solid state amplifier adjusts for optimum transmis- sion power. Case is beige and black with wood trim. Includes coil cord, right angle plug and hang-up bracket. Part No. Type 62800-001 100TRA dynamic mic 500T. FAA-TSO APPROVED. An electret mic with unequalled noise cancellation, the 500T is extremely resistant to electrical interference. This top-of-the-line handheld includes built-in adjustable solid state amplifier, push-to-talk switch, coil cord, hang-up bracket and hardware. Case is black with wood trim. Part No. Type 63333-000 500T electret mic 38T. FAA-TSO APPROVED. The compact, lightweight 38T electret mic features a familiar case style. Includes adjustable solid state amplifier. Mic hanger not supplied. Part No. Type 63999-000 38T lightweight electret mic HS-500. Interphone and paging handset with dynamic receiver and noise cancelling amplified electret mic. Built-in push-to-talk switch. Part No. Type 63274-008 HS-500 interphone and paging handset MICROPHONES

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