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PIDG TERMINALS AMP PIDG TERMINALS aviall ability aviall.com 1268 PIDG (pre-insulated diamond grip) terminals. MEETS OR EXCEEDS THE REQUIREMENTS OF MIL-T-7928, TYPE II, CLASS 1 AND 2. This is a pre-insulated terminal designed for complete and uniform reliability in the most difficult circuit environments. PIDG terminals consist of tin-plated copper or tin-plated phosphor bronze body for spring spades with a copper sleeve and insulation sleeve fitted over terminal barrel. Design of the tool dies and construction of the terminal ensures uniform insulation thickness under crimping pressure, transmitting this pressure evenly to the center of the crimp area. AMP compression crimping produces crimps for a given size wire and terminal that are precisely alike in appearance and performance. Terminal and crimping tool are designed as precisely matched devices. Dies are precision-engineered from the finest hard-metal alloys. Crimping pressure is controlled by a ratchet device on the hand tool or a corresponding pre-calibration in the crimping jaws of AMP automated crimping machines. Crimping pressure can neither overstress nor understress the terminal barrel-machined dies fully bottom to the precise crimp height. Resulting termination is free of contamination. Resistant to shock and critical environments. Tensile strength approaches that of the wire itself. Temperature rating: 105 C maximum. AMP PIDG Terminals (Use PIDG Tooling) AMP PIDG Nylon Butt Window Splice (Use PIDG Tooling) AMP Wire LR7189 Range Listed Certified 22-16 22-16 stranded or solid 300 V max., 105 C max. 16-14 16-14 stranded or solid 12-10 12-10 stranded or solid AMP Wire LR7189 Range Listed Certified 22-16 22-16 stranded or solid 300 V max., 105 C max. 16-14 16-14 stranded or solid 12-10 12-10 stranded or solid Note: 22-16 terminals are stamped 22-18 in accordance with MIL-T-7928 Note: 22-16 splices are stamped 22-18 in accordance with MIL-T-7928 Basic Terminal Material. The basic terminal is constructed of fine-grade, high-conductivity copper per ASTM-B-152 and tin-plat- ed per MIL-T-10727. Basic material for spring spade tongue termi- nals is phosphor bronze per ASTM B-139 and tin-plated per MIL-T- 10727, AMP's special plating process creates durable corrosion resistance to salt spray and most chemical fumes. Color Coding. Terminal insulation is color-coded by wire range to eliminate errors during installation. Serrations. Serrations inside barrel provide maximum contact and tensile strength after crimping. Copper Sleeve. The specially designed copper sleeve, fitted over the terminal barrel, provides circumferential insulation support to the wire and allows the wire to be bent in any direction, without fraying the wire's insulation or breaking the conductor. Funnel Ramp Entry. Guarantees against a turned back strand and permits rapid wire insertion during high-speed production. Nylon Insulation. Nylon sleeve assures high dielectric strength. Note: Over-size expansions are provided in vinyl insulation only.

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