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GROUND POWER CONNECTORS ANDERSON GROUND POWER CONNECTORS aviall ability aviall.com 1272 Anderson R65 and R68 series Attachable 3 pole, 2 wire plugs & receptacles, 28 VDC. MANUFACTURED TO MS25486 SPECIFICATIONS AND QUALIFIED TO MIL-C-7974D. The following is a representational list only; consult Aviall for specific other cable sizes and configurations. Portable plug part numbers as shown feature standard AttachableFingerproof Grabber Contact , which feature extra safety insulation and water-tight, molded-in contacts, substitute the E with a "B" in the part number, e.g. R67G4B if replaceable contacts are desired. *Complete Portable Grommet Portable Plug Kit Only Receptacle Cable Part No. Part No. Part No. Accommodations Cable Type Figure R65G1E 112080G1 R68G1E Two #1/0 single conductor MIL-C-5756 A R65G2E 112080G2 R68G2E Two #2/0 single conductor MIL-C-5756 A R65G3E 112080G3 R68G3E Two #4/0 single conductor MIL-C-5756 A R65G4E 112080G4 R68G4E Two #1/0 twin conductor Oval A R65G5E 112080G5 R68G5E Two #2/0 twin conductor Flat A R65G6E 112080G6 R68G6E Two #4/0 twin conductor Oval A R65G7E 112080G7 R68G7E Two #2 single conductor Welding A R65G8E 112080G8 R68G8E Two #1/0 single conductor Welding 0.57 A R65G9E 112080G9 R68G9E Two #2/0 single conductor Welding 0.66 A R65G10E 112080G10 R68G10E Two #4/0 single conductor Welding 0.80 A R65G20E 112080G20 R68G20E Two #2/0 single conductor Welding 0.71 A Attachable Portable Plugs and Receptacles Attachable portable plugs and receptacles are molded of Hypalon (DuPont), a compound specially selected for its resistance to moisture and chemicals as well as its ability to stand up under severe wear and tear. Power contacts are of machined copper, silver-plated to reduce contact resistance. Contact lugs may be either crimped or soldered to cables. 1 2 3 _ + Fig. A configured for all R65 and R68 plugs R65 portable plug body 110368G2E R68 portable plug body 110379G2E * Complete plug is made up of grommet kit and plug body. "Attachable" is a registered trademark of Anderson Airmotive Products Co., Inc.

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