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BATTERY CONNECTORS ANDERSON BATTERY CONNECTORS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1277 Anderson Attachable handle for 400 Hz ground power connectors. Anderson's Attachable handle provides a convenient method of coupling the ground power connector to the aircraft. The design features replaceable, weatherproof switches for controlling ground power and the cable retriever at the connector. This eliminates the need for cumbersome control boxes attached to the cable assembly. The handle is available without switches for applications that do not require remote control. Fabricated from a unique material, the handle combines light weight (2 lbs./1 kg) with exceptional impact characteristics. It is impervious to typical aircraft fluids such as jet fuel, Skydrol , glycol, and water. The design offers protection for the power connector and a convenient hand grip to make engaging and disengaging easier. This helps reduce strain on the connector due to mishandling. An outer flange prevents the connector from laying on the ground, reducing abrasion of the connector and potential danger in wet locations. Unlike other connectors with integral switches, the Attachable design allows easy replacement of the switches or the connector a time-saving advantage available only with the Attachable approach. Anderson Attachable handle. Electrified handles require appropriate switch, cable connector and indicator lamp kits. Part No. Description 30G1 Anderson Attachable handle assembly, non-electrified 31G1 Anderson Attachable handle assembly, electrified Anderson Attachable Handle Switch kits. All switch kits include heavy-duty toggle switches with weather tight boots. Consult factory for other switch requirements. Part No. Description 33G1 Switch kit, includes 2-DPDT Momentary On/Off/Momentary On 33G2 Switch kit, includes 1-DPDT Momentary On/Off/Momentary On and 1-DPST Momentary On/On/Momentary On 33G3 Switch kit, includes 1-DPDT Momentary On/Off/Momentary On and 1-DPDT Momentary On/On/Momentary On Adapter kit. For use with Burton cable assemblies. Part No. Description 33G1 Adapter kit Indicator lamp kits. Part No. Description 35G1 12 Volt LED lamp kit 35G2 24 Volt LED lamp kit 35G3 120 Volt neon lamp kit 35G4 240 Volt neon lamp kit Control cable connector kits. Part No. Description 36G1 Control cable connector for 0.750-0.875" outer diameter cables 36G2 Control cable connector for 0.625-0.750" outer diameter cables 36G3 Control cable connector for 0.500-0.625" outer diameter cables

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