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aviall ability aviall.com 1284 AVIALL BATTERY SERVICE AVIALL BATTERY SHOP Aviall Battery Service Value, integrity and total customer commitment is just the begin- ning. Aviall's Battery Product Repair Service provides the highest level of service to an essential maintenance function. Repair and Overhaul Services. From a basic cleaning, top charge, overhaul or deep cycle, all inspections, repairs, alterations and modifications are performed in compliance with CFR 145.205 and in compliance with the manufacturer's component maintenance manual (CMM). Capabilities include authorized manufacturers repair of NiCad, lead-acid and sealed lead -acid batteries. We also provide calibration and repair services for a wide variety of battery charger/analyzers, and repair and recertify many models of battery packs and power supplies. We ensure all batteries perform to 100% of rated capacity rather than the minimum manufacturer's standard of 85% rated capacity. For complete documentation accuracy, Aviall invented and utilizes the Aviall Data Acquisition system (ADAS). The ADAS is an advanced computer aided battery maintenance system that accurately monitors and records individual cell voltages during a NiCad service cycle. Aviall Battery School. Aviall battery professionals provide more than maintenance. Another measure of Aviall's expertise and commitment to battery repair service is it's unique educational program. The Aviall Battery School is the only FAA approved 40-hour course of it's kind and is also certified by MarathonNorco Aerospace (Marathon Batteries) and Saft, Inc. Aviall hosts this Battery School training at its Corporate Headquarters in Dallas, TX. The required application and class schedule is available at Aviall.com, or call us at 800-776-1112. On-site seminars and field training can also be arranged. Largest supply of OEM and FAA approved parts and components. When it is no longer possible to repair old batteries or when they are no longer air- worthy, Aviall offers you a choice of new replacement batteries for aircraft ranging from helicopters to the largest airliner. We maintain the world's largest battery inven- tory including: NiCad batteries, cells and components by Saft and MarathonNorco New and used chargers by Christie Electric and JFM New Concorde and Teledyne Gill lead acid batteries If you are looking for a competitively priced line of PMA alternatives, call Aviall for: PMA battery packs PMA temperature sensors DC powered ground power units A variety of other battery components AOG - 24/7. Each shop maintains an AOG stock of new batteries ready to meet any emergency and an inventory of loaners for use when your battery is in the shop for repairs. For a direct connection to one of our battery shops, please call our toll free number 800-776-1112. Outside the contiguous US, please call 800-284-2553 or contact the nearest Aviall CSC. More information is also available on Aviall.com. All of this with a quick turn resulting in reduced aircraft down time24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's the value in an Aviall Tag. That's Aviallability. Certifications and Specifications. Aviall battery shops are Certified FAA 145 repair stations, JAA and CAA authorized. All of Aviall's Product Repair Service centers perform maintenance in accordance with CFR Part 145 and published operations specifications. Each facility is in full compliance with the provisions of the final DOT rule concerning the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Miss-use Prevention Program for Personnel Engaged in Specific Aviation Activities (14 CFR Part 121 Appx. I and J and 49 CFR Part 40).

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