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BATTERY CHARGERS & ANALYZERS Avix Supercharger 60. Features include: easy to use; charges two batteries simultaneously (up to 50 cells); temperature sensing plate; constant current (1-50 Ah); charges and analyzes all NiCad batteries (1-50 Ah); and digital voltmeter. Part No. Gross Wt. Width Depth Height SUPERCHARGER60 175 lbs. 28" 29" 25" aviall ability aviall.com 1286 AVIALL BATTERY SHOP Charge Average Part No. Weight Length Height Depth AC Input Ripple Charge Time 282 20 oz. 4.25" 5.25" 3.5" 90-260 V 0.25% 8-16 hrs. 47-63 Hz Part No. Weight Length Height Depth VAC Input 8-930 18 lbs. 7.64" 7.81" 12.62" 115 Activator 282 charger for 24 volt aircraft batteries. Users can select for 24 V NiCad or lead acid batteries. Meets all battery manufacturer's charge requirements. The unit can be left on indefinitely with no overcharge, gassing, or loss of charge. This featherweight charger/connector gives the best possible charges for your battery. It charges your battery, tops it, then programs down to a float level. The Activator 282 attaches directly to battery with no shorts or misconnects. Worldwide AC input 90-260 V. Impervious to AC line fluctuation. Pulse charges deeply discharged batteries, changes to pure ripple-free constant current, then to constant potential. Controls: 3 position switch - Off/Auto/Continuous. Continuous overrides Auto. It is used to recondition sulfated lead acid or erase NiCad fading 2 LED lights - yellow (On), green (Ready) Selector for NiCad, sealed lead acid, vented Includes: Boost/topping charge 15 - 90 minutes Part no. AC line cord - IEC types Technical manual Certificate of calibration Padded carrying case Eldec Corporation Model 8-930 Battery Charger / Controller 115 Vac Input, 65 A Output. Offers significantly higher reliability and MTBF Provides built-in test capability Offers fault reporting and isolation between charger and battery faults Compatible with sintered-sintered NiCd as well as ULM NiCd batteries Increased maintenance intervals when used with SAFT ULM battery

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