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aviall ability aviall.com 1290 BATTERY SUPPLIES AVIALL BATTERY SHOP Shorting clips. AVIALL has manufactured shorting clips from high tensile spring steel. If you service batteries, you will want to have an ample supply of these shorting clips. Sold in packages of 20 only. Even stubborn deep cycles succumb to the 1 OHM, 5 watt shorting clip. This is a must for every Ni-Cad service shop. Sold individually. Part No. Description BS2183 Shorting clips Maintenance kits. For Marathon Power Technologies Company & Saft batteries. Kits include: syringe, cell puller, vent caps and o-rings, screws and washers, vent tool and receptacle dust cover, wrench. Part No. Description 32480-001 Marathon maintenance kit 017568-000 Saft kit for 36-43 AH batteries 017569-000 Saft kit for 16-26 AH batteries 018168-000 Saft kit for air cooled batteries 020660-000 Saft kit for 22 AH batteries 023249-000 Saft kit for 50LB01 batteries 024629-000 Saft kit for ULM batteries Cap screw wrench. Do you have a Marathon battery with the hex head terminal screw? We have the tool to remove or replace them. Made of industrial steel with "spring tension." You won't have to worry about over- or under-torquing again. Part No. Description Fits BS1032W #10-32 screws 10488-020 or equivalent BS428W 3 /16 Hex wrench 10488-011 or equivalent Torx head driver. For Marathon SP-400 batteries. Your new SP-400 now has "Torx" type terminal screws and we have the tool you'll need. Part No. Description BS192P Torx head driver Aviall battery carrier sling. Epoxy coated steel ends hook over battery vents for easier handling. Flexible polyester webbing is comfortable and rated in excess of 200 lbs. Features include: safe, non- conductive webbing, practical, great for handling batteries in difficult locations. Part No. Description BS2284 Battery carrying strap Description BS497P Battery hardware cleaning basket BS2183 BS192P BS428W Maintenance kit BS2284 Part No.

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