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BATTERY REPLACEMENT INFORMATION CONCORDE BATTERIES aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1301 Aircraft CB Series CB Platinum RG Series RG Platinum Manufacturer Model Part No. Series Part No. Part No. Series Part No. Aerofab (see REVO) Aviat (see Sky International) Agusta SpA A-109A, A-109C, A-109E, A-119 Koala - RG-407 (24V) American Champion 7ECA Citabria, 7GCAA Citabria, - RG-25 (12V) - 7KCAB Citabria, 8GCBC Scout, 8KCAB Scout Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. 204B, 205A-1, 205B, 222U, 412, 412EP - RG-380E/44 (24V) 206A, 206B - RG-206 (24V) 206L, 206L-1 Long Ranger, - RG-222 (24V) 206L-3 Long Ranger, 206L-4 Long Ranger 212 - RG-380E/40B (24V) RG-380E/44 (24V) 407 - RG-407 (24V) British Aerospace 3101 Jetstream 1 - RG-390E (24V) 3201 Jetstream (S/N 790-999) - RG-380E/40B (24V) RG-380E/44 (24V) 3201 Jetstream 1 - RG390E (24V) Cessna Aircraft Company 120 CB-25 (12V) CB-25XC (12V) RG-25 (12V) RG-25XC (12V) 140, 140A CB-25 (12V) CB-25XC (12V) RG-25 (12V) RG-25XC (12V) 150A-F CB-25 (12V) CB-25XC (12V) RG-25 (12V) RG-25XC (12V) 150G (except S/N 15064970), 150H, 150J-M, A150K Aerobat, A150L Aerobat (except S/N A1500433), A150M Aerobat 152, A152 Aerobat, CB24-11M (24V) CB24-11MXC (24V) RG24-11M (24V) RG24-15M (24V) 172K Skyhawk (S/N 17258105-17258112), 172M Skyhawk (S/N 17261578), 172N Skyhawk 1980 models, 172P Skyhawk, 172Q Skyhawk, 172R, 172RG Cutlass, 172S, R172K Hawk XP 1978-1981 models 172N Skyhawk 1978 models (except CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11XC (24V) RG24-11 (24V) RG24-15 (24V) S/N 17270050) & 1979 models, 177B Cardinal 1978 models, 177RG Cardinal 1978 models 2 177 Cardinal, 177A Cardinal, CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) RG-35AXC (12V) 177B Cardinal 1970-1977 models (except S/N 17701472), 177RG Cardinal 1971- 1977 models (except S/N 177RG0419) 170, 170A, 170B, CB-25 (12V) CB-25XC (12V) RG-25 (12V) RG-25XC (12V) 172 Skyhawk, 172A-E Skyhawk, 172F (USAF T-41A), 172G Skyhawk, 172H Skyhawk (USAF T-41A) (except S/N 17256493), 172I Skyhawk, 172K Skyhawk (except S/N 17258105- 17258112), 172L Skyhawk, 172M Skyhawk (except S/N 17261445 and 17261578), 172N Skyhawk 1977 models P172D Skyhawk, R172E Skyhawk, CB-25 (12V) CB-25XC (12V) RG-25 (12V) RG-25XC (12V) R172F-H Skyhawk, R172J Skyhawk, R172K Hawk XP 1977 models, 175 Skylark, 175A-C Skylark 180K Skywagon 1978-1980 models 2 CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11XC (24V) RG24-11 (24V) RG24-15 (24V) 182Q Skylane 1978-1980 models, CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11XC (24V) RG24-11 (24V) RG24-15 (24V) 182R-T Skylane, R182 Skylane, T182 Skylane, T182T Turbo Skylane, TR182 2 A185F Skywagon 1980-1985 models 2 CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11MXC (24V) RG24-11 (24V) RG24-15 (24V) A185F Skywagon 1978-1979 models CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11XC (24V) - A188B Pawnee, T188C Pawnee 2 CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11XC (24V) RG24-11 (24V) RG24-15 (24V) 180 Skywagon, 180A-H Skywagon, CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) RG-35AXC (12V) 180J Skywagon (except 18052490), 180K Skywagon 1977 models Note: CB-25 replaces Cessna 12V original battery part number 0511319-1. CB-25XC replaces Cessna 12V original battery part number 0511319-1. Also see optional CB-25, RG-25, and RG-25 XC. CB35A replaces Cessna 12V original battery part number 0712605-1, 0712604-1, and 0311053. Also see optional CB-35AXC, RG-35A, and RG35AXC. 1 RG390E replaces 25 Ah battery. 2 Models with battery boxes.

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