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Aircraft CB Series CB Platinum RG Series RG Platinum Manufacturer Model Part No. Series Part No. Part No. Series Part No. Cessna Aircraft Company 182 Skylane, 182A Skylane, CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) RG-35AXC (12V) (cont'd) 182B Skylane (except 51623), 182C Skylane (except 51623), 182D-H Skylane, 182J-N Skylane, 182P Skylane (except S/N 18263479), 182Q Skylane 1977 models 185 Skywagon, 185A-E Skywagon, CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) RG-35AXC (12V) A185E Skywagon, A185F Skywagon 1973-1977 models (except 18502300) 188 Pawnee, 188B Pawnee, A188 Pawnee, CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) RG-35AXC (12V) A188A Pawnee 206 Super Skywagon, CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) RG-35AXC (12V) 206H, P206, P206A-E, T206H, TP206A-E, TU206A-F, TU206G 1977 models, U206, U206A, U206C-F, U206G 1977 models, 207, 207A, T207, T207A 1977 models U206B CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) - TU206G 1978-1979 models, CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11XC (24V) RG24-11 (24V) RG24-15 (24V) U206G 1978-1979 models, 207A 1981-1984 models, T207A 1981-1984 models 2 TU206G 1980-1986 models, CB24-11M (24V) CB24-11MXC (24V) RG24-11M (24V) RG24-15M (24V) U206G 1980-1986 models, 207A 1978-1980 models, T207A 1978-1980 models 208 Caravan CB24-380E (24V) - RG-380E/40B (24V) RG-380E/44 (24V) 210-5 (205) Centurion, CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) RG-35AXC (12V) 210-5A (205A) Centurion, 210 Centurion, 210A-H Centurion, 210J Centurion, 210K Centurion, T210F Centurion, T210G Centurion, T210H Centurion, T210J Centurion, T210K Centurion 210L Centurion, 210M Centurion, CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11XC (24V) RG24-11 (24V) RG24-15 (24V) P210N Centurion 1978-1979 models, T210L Centurion, T210M Centurion 2 210N Centurion, 210R Centurion, CB24-11M (24V) CB24-11MXC (24V) RG24-11M (24V) RG24-15M (24V) P210N Centurion 1980-1983 models, P210R Centurion, T210N Centurion, T210R Centurion T303 Crusader (S/N T30300117 and up) - RG24-11M (24V) - 305B, 305E CB24-11M (24V) CB24-11MXC (24V) RG24-11M (24V) RG24-15M (24V) 310, 310G, 310L, 320 Skyknight, CB-25 (12V) - 320D Skyknight, 320E Executive Skyknight 337 Skymaster, 337A-H Skymaster, CB24-11 (24V) CB24-11XC (24V) RG24-11 (24V) RG24-15 (24V) M337B Skymaster, P337H Skymaster, T337B-H Skymaster, T337HSP-Pressurized Skymaster 2 340 CB-25 (12V) - 425 Corsair/Conquest I, CB24-380E (24V) - RG-380E/44 (24V) 441 Conquest II 500 Citation/Citation I, CB24-380E (24V) - RG-380E/40B (24V) 501 Citation, RG-380E/44B (24V) 551 Citation II SP 550 Citation II - RG-131 S550 Citation S/II - RG-380E/40B (24V) RG-380E/44B (24V) 560 Citation V - RG-380E/40B (24V) Dassault Aviation Falcon 10 (100) - RG-390E (24V) Falcon 20 Series C-F CB24-380E (24V) - RG380E/44 (24V) Falcon 2000 - RG380E/44LS Mystere Falcon 50, 900, F900 EX - RG-390E/LS 2 Models with battery boxes. BATTERY REPLACEMENT INFORMATION CONCORDE BATTERIES aviall ability aviall.com 1302

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