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BATTERY REPLACEMENT INFORMATION CONCORDE BATTERIES aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1303 Aircraft CB Series CB Platinum RG Series RG Platinum Manufacturer Model Part No. Series Part No. Part No. Series Part No. Embraer EMB-110P1, EMB-110P2 CB24-380E (24V) - RG380E/40B (24V) Enstrom Helicopter 280FX (12V) Shark, F-28F (12V) Falcon - RG-35A (12V) - 280FX (24V) Shark, F-28F (24V) Falcon - RG24-11M (24V) - Eurocopter Deutschland BO 105C, BO 105S, BK 117 A-1, BK 117 A-3, - RG-390E (24V) GMBH BK 117 A-4, BK 117 B-1, BK 117 B-2, BK 117 C-1 Eurocopter France AS350B Ecureuil, AS350BA Ecureuil, - RG-355 or RG-350 AS350B1 Ecureuil, AS350B2 Ecureuil, AS350D Astar 3 AS350B3 Ecureuil - RG-350 AS350C Astar, AS350D1 Astar, - RG-355 AS355E, AS355F, AS355F1, AS355F2, AS355N FS2003 Corp. (see New Piper) Garlick Helicopters TH-1F, UH-1F, UH-1P - RG-390E (24V) Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. G-159 Gulfstream I CB24-380E (24V) - RG-380E/40B (24V) RG-380E/44 (24V) G-1159 Gulfstream II, G-1159A Gulfstream III, - RG-380E/44 (24V) G-1159B Gulfstream IIB, G-IV Israel Aircraft 1121 Jet Commander, 1121A Jet Commander, CB24-380E (24V) - RG-380E/40B (24V) 1121B Jet Commander, 1123 Westwind, RG-380E/44 (24V) 1124 Westwind Kaman Aerospace K1200 K-MAX - RG-380E/40B (24V) Kelowna Flightcraft Convair 440 CB12-88 - Lationamericana de Aviacion (see New Piper) JetProp LLC Piper PA46-310P, Piper PA46-350P 4 - RG-46 (24V) RG-49 (24V) Learjet Inc. 23-25, 28, 29, 35, 36, 55 CB24-380E (24V) - RG-380E/40B (24V) 45 5 - RG-443 (24V) MD Helicopters 369 (Army YOH-6A), 369A (Army OH-6A), - RG-500 369D-F, 369FF, 369H, 369HE, 369HM, 369HS, MD500N MD600N - RG-600-1, -2 Mitsubishi Heavy MU-2B, MU-2B-10, MU2B-15, MU-2B-20, - RG380E/40B (24V) Industries Ltd. MU-2B-25, MU-2B-26, MU-2B-26A, RG380E/44 (24V) MU-2B-30, MU-2B-35, MU-2B-36, MU-2B-36A, MU-2B-40, MU-2B-60, MU-300-1, MU-300-1A YS-11A Series - RG-390E (24V) Mooney Aerospace M20J, M20K - RG-35A (12V) - New Piper Aircraft, the PA-12 (S/N 12-1 & up), PA-12S (S/N CB-25 (12V) CB-25XC (12V) RG-25 (12V) RG-25XC (12V) 12-1 & up), PA18 Super Cub (S/N 18-1- 18-7632), PA-18-105 "Special," PA18-125 (Army L-21A), PA18-135, PA18-150 (S/N 18-3771, 18-3781-18-9015), PA18A (except S/N 18-677, 1-770 & 18-262-18-3779), PA18A-135 (Army L-21B) (except S/N 18-3786- 18-9105, 18-7309016 & 18-8309024), PA18A-150 (S/N 18-7309016-18-8309024) except 18-8309025 PA18A (S/N 18-677, 18-1770 & 18-262-18-3779), CB-35A (12V) CB-35AXC (12V) RG-35A (12V) RG-35AXC (12V) PA18A-135 (S/N 18-3786-18-9105, 18-7309016 & 18-8309024) except 18-8309025, PA18A-150 (except S/N 18-8309025) PA18AS-125, PA18AS-135, PA18S, CB-25 (12V) CB-25XC (12V) RG-25 (12V) RG-25XC (12V) PA18S-105 "Special," PA18S-125, PA18S-135, PA18S-150 (S/N 1809001- 1809113), PA19 Cub (Army L-21B) (S/N 19-1-19-3), PA19S 3 Use part no. RG-355 if replacing part no. 1606-1. Use part no. RG-350 if replacing part no. 151CH-1. 4 Aircraft is modified from its original configuration. 5 Emergency battery only.

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