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Four wire Elcon style connector. Equivalent to MS-25182-2, Elcon Products BD6-3 or Rebling Plastics 7007. Not PMA'd. Part No. Description 4001 Four wire Elcon style connector Two wire Cannon style connector. Equivalent to MS3349-3 or Rebling Plastics 8003. Not PMA'd. Part No. Description 4010 Two wire Cannon style connector Activator 282 charger. 90 to 260 V AC input, 47-63 Hz, with Elcon style connector. Features fully automatic operation (charges battery and automatically switches to float mode); settings for sealed lead-acid, vented lead- acid or nickel-cadmium; auto-ranging input line frequency; auto-ranging input line voltage. Mates with MS-3509 battery connector. Part No. Description Weight 4105 Activator 282 charger 20 oz. Alpha C-25 charger. 110/220 V AC input, 50/60 Hz, with Elcon style connector. Features constant potential charge with preset; constant current charge; charge at 0 to 20 amps; dual isolated output (charge two batteries simultaneously); digital ammeter and voltmeter with battery select switch; preset time limit for charge with digital electronic display; low ripple charge. Part No. Description Weight 4142 Alpha C-25 charger 20 lbs. Beta D-50 battery analyzer. 110/220 V AC, 50/60 Hz, with Elcon style connector. Features discharge at 0 to 50 amps; green light indicates battery passes test; red battery failure indicator; digital meters record end of discharge readings for elapsed time, ampere rate, and end-point voltage; digital electronic timer accurate to 0.1%; audible signal at end of test. Part No. Description Weight 4126 Beta D-50 battery analyzer 30 lbs. CBP3349-2W. Two wire Elcon style connector. Equivalent to MS3349-2, Elcon products BD16-1 or Rebling Plastics 7003 with shell installed. Part No. Description 4002 battery connector BATTERY ACCESSORIES CONCORDE BATTERIES aviall ability aviall.com 1322

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