Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 1324 Electrical & Batteries

BC-3000 cordless battery capacity tester. Portable aircraft battery capacity test unit (analyzer). Powered only by the battery under test, the unit is compact (less than a 10 inch cube) and light weight (10 pounds) and tests all popular 12 and 24 volt aircraft batteries at their one hour (C) rate. The unit is protected from reverse polarity hook-ups, and automatically adjusts itself for either 12 or 24 volt batteries, then automatically sets the end point voltage (EPV) to 10 for 12 volt and 20 for 24 volt batteries. When the EPV is reached, the percentage of the battery's capacity is locked on the display, and the unit automatically shuts itself off, preventing internal damage to the battery on test. Programmable from 10 to 59 amperes of discharge (capacity) testing. Part No. Description BC3000 cordless battery capacity tester BATTERY ACCESSORIES CONCORDE BATTERIES aviall ability aviall.com 1324 Call 1-800-AVIALL-1 to get more information on Concorde lead-acid batteries!

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