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SWITCHES DEXSON SWITCHES aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1325 Dexter-Wilson Model 700-001-01-01 landing gear indicator switch. Heavy duty sealed switch for landing gear direct actuation application. Robust aluminum casting ensures functionality in extreme environments. Designed for increased reliability and cost effectiveness. This landing gear switch is currently used on the DC-8 and DC-9 aircraft to indicate landing gear down-lock and uplock conditions. Momentary switching action. Skydrol resistant. Insert gas filled and sealed. Connector: push pull with gold flashed pins - shell size 7 with interfacial seal. Switch transfer: within 1 of arm parallel to mounting surface. Movement differential 5 max. internal switch: DPDT DBL BRK. Operating force: 6 lb. min @ rest., 183 lb. @ 0 , 35 lb. max @ -16, 37 lb. max @ -33 . Dielectric voltage: leakage at 1,000 VRMS, 2 mA max. Part No. Endurance Contact Rating Wt./Mass Operating Temp. 700-001-01-01 50 K cycles min. electrical and mechanical 10 amps @ 125/250 V AC 9 oz. max. -70 F to +250 F 10 amps @ 28 V DC resistive Model 047801-001 cabin interphone/PA switch. INTERNAL SWITCHES MANUFACTURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH MIL-S-8805/4 AND MS 24547. High quality and reliability. Precision roller actuator allows for tangent operation. Precision aluminum/brass enclosure and spring loaded switch and actuation mechanism. This cabin interphone/PA switch is currently used on the MD 11 aircraft. The Dexson 047801-001 is a FAA-PMA replacement for DAC P/N 5D0321-2. Robust design and improved product life make this switch a cost-effective replacement. Switch transfer: All 8 poles transfer within 0.030 of plunger displacement from normal operating point. Vibration: MIL-STD-202, Method 214, COND. IB, 1.5 hour dura- tion. Switching action: 8 pole, 7 single throw and 1 double throw. Operating force: 1.5 to 5.0 lbs. @ operating point. Dielectric voltage: 1,000 VRMS 60 Hz @ sea level. Part No. Endurance Contact Rating Insulation Resistance Wt./ Mass Operating Temp. 047801-001 Tested to 50 K cycles 0.5 amps @ 28 V DC max. 1,000 megohm min. 71 g max. without wire -55 C to + 85 C 10 mA @ 5 V DC min. Model 045801-001 push-to-talk switch. FAA-PMA replacement for Fokker P/N A47005-403. Designed for increased quality, reliability, and product life. Switching action is a 2 way momentary rocker, single pole double throw, with positive tactile response. This Push-To-Talk switch is currently used on the Fokker F70/F100 aircraft. This switch provides flight deck communication to the cabin in one position and tower communication in the other. Humidity: per RTCA/DO-160c, Section 6, Category A. Vibration: per RTCA/DO-160C, Section 8, Random Vibration, Curve B. Operating temperature: per RTCA/DO-160C, Section 4, Category A1. Shock: per RTCA/DO-160c, Section 7, Par 7.2. Operating force: 1.12-2.0 lbs. @ button bulb. Part No. Endurance Contact Rating Contact Resistance Wt./Mass Dielectric Voltage 045801-001 200K plus cycles 50 m/A 0.1 ohm max. 0.6 oz. (17g) 1000 VRMS @ 15 V DC resistive

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