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SWITCHES DEXSON SWITCHES aviall ability aviall.com 1330 Dexter-Wilson Instrument Clamp Numbering System The format of instrument clamp part numbers is: 123 - XX YY MM - S Where: XX is width of square or rectangular clamp or diameter of round clamp (to nearest 0.1 in., i.e. 13 = 1.3 in.) YY is height of square or rectangular clamp. YY is 00 for round clamps. MM is modification code consisting of one or more letters and numbers. This code covers variations from standard. See Table I. Standard defined as: 2024 AI nut/lug/strap, anodized 1.50 in. clamp depth Cad plated steel rivets 0 angle Generally follows ATI specifications S is screwcode per Table II Modification Code Description A aa Angle clamp - letter A followed by one or two digits for angle. (i.e. A 11 = 11 clamp) H Heavy duty version, for high vibration usage M MS version of round clamp J 6061 Al nut/lug/strap W2 2" deep strap W4 4" deep strap T 0.04" thick strap on round clamps (0.032" thick is standard) Table I: Clamp Modification Codes Dexson Instrument Clamp Catalog. Dexson Instrument Clamps represent the ultimate in the compact mounting of instruments and indicators in display panels. Originally designed for aircraft, these clamps have also found applications in other types of equipment where lightweight, close spacing, rigid positioning and uniform pressure are required. Outstanding features Unique double cam mechanism provides stable mounting platform and keeps sides parallel. Accommodate cases with large variations in nominal size. Meet or exceed all requirements of ARINC 408 Wide straps and smooth uniform clamp movement minimize distortion of instrument case. Dual cam arrangement

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