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DURACELL ALKALINE BATTERIES DURACELL BATTERIES aviall ability aviall.com 1334 Duracell Copper Top TM alkaline batteries are the preferred brand of consumer batteries in the United States, leading the alkaline category with the largest share of the market.* Duracell alkaline batteries are widely available at most major food, drug and mass merchandiser retail outlets; were first to include "freshness dating" on the packaging and are the only batteries to provide a tester for all sizes.** Model MN1300 battery. Part No. Size System Voltage MN1300 Size D Alkaline 1.5 Model MN1400 battery. Part No. Size System Voltage Quantity MN1400B4 Size C Alkaline 1.5 4 pack Model MN1500 battery. Part No. Size System Voltage Quantity MN1500B4 Size AA Alkaline 1.5 4 pack MN1500V12 Size AA Alkaline 1.5 12 pack Model MN1604 battery. Part No. Size System Voltage Quantity MN1604B2 9 volt Alkaline 9 2 pack Model MN2400 battery. Part No. Size System Voltage Quantity MN2400B4 Size AAA Alkaline 1.5 4 pack * Source: Nielsen 3-Outlet, 12 months ending December 1996 ** 9V tester available on blister carded packages, AA tester available on cell. Check with your Duracell representative for specific availability dates for D, C, and AAA sizes. NEDA Eveready Rayovac Bright Procell/ Industrial/ Industrial/ Industrial/ Star Jason/ Duracell Voltage Type Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Electrocell PC1300/MN1300 1.5 D 13AC/13A EN95/E95 AL-D/813 7520 AL13 PC1400/MN1400 1.5 C 14AC/14A EN93/E93 AL-C/814 7522 AL14 PC1500/MN1500 1.5 AA 15AC/15A EN91/E91 AL-AA/815 7524 AL15 PC1604/MN1604 9 9 volt 1604AC/1604A EN22/E22 AL-9V/A1604 7590 AL1604 PC2400/MN2400 1.5 AAA 24AC/24A EN92/E92 AL-AAA/824 7526 AL24 Duracell Cross Reference: Alkaline Batteries

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