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PROCELL BATTERIES aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1335 DURACELL PROCELL Procell Alkaline Batteries Procell alkaline batteries provide the same performance and quality as Duracell Copper Top batteries and deliver outstanding performance and reliability. Major advantages are: long lasting and dependable - even after five years of storage; last up to five times longer than super heavy duty batteries; long service life at high drain discharges; operate reliably in temperature extremes of -20 C to 54 C; date coded to ensure freshness; economical bulk packaging for professional applications; and contains no added mercury. Model PC1300 battery. Part No. Size System Voltage PC1300 Size D Alkaline 1.5 Model PC1400 battery. Part No. Size/ System Voltage PC1400 Size C Alkaline 1.5 Model PC1500 battery. Part No. Size/ System Voltage PC1500 Size AA Alkaline 1.5 Model PC1604 battery. Part No. Size/ System Voltage PC1604 9 volt Alkaline 9 Model PC2400 battery. Part No. Size/ System Voltage PC2400 Size AAA Alkaline 1.5 Model PC12A battery. Replaces RM12R. These are an environmentally safer alternative to mercury batteries.* Part No. Size/ System Voltage PC12A Alkaline 1.5 Model PC135A battery. Replaces TR135R. Part No. Size/ System Voltage PC135A Alkaline 7.5 * Important note: Procell alkaline batteries - which are safer for the environment - have slightly different voltage characteristics than the cross-referenced mercury batteries. Due to this difference in voltage, some devices may not operate properly or may require recalibration. We advise you first contact the manufacturer of your device to determine if the alkaline replacement battery is suitable.

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