Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 1336 Electrical & Batteries

MINIATURE POSITIVE ACTION SWITCHES EATON SWITCHES aviall ability aviall.com 1336 8868 large lever 8866 small lever 8869 small lever 8867 small lever Selection Table * Momentary contact 1 Dielectric per MIL-S-8834 except limited to 1250 volts. Delayed action of the switch toggle lever may cause circuit to close or open before snap action mechanism trips. 2 Furnished with bonded seal feature. (Meets with 15' head of water level.) 3 Not military MS approved Down Eaton Up Center Position Part No. Position Position (Keyway) MS MS Part Part No. Large Lever Small Lever 3 Part No. Large Lever Small Lever 3 Part No. No. 2 On Off On MS21346-211 8868K51 8866K51 MS21347-211 8869K51 8867K51 MS2134--711 8869K51X On None Off MS21346--221 8868K57 8866K57 MS21347-221 8869K57 8867K57 MS2134--721 8869K57X On None On MS21346--231 8868K54 8866K54 MS21347-231 8869K54 8867K54 MS2134--731 8869K54X On Off None MS21346--241 8868K55 8866K55 MS21347-241 8869K55 8867K55 MS2134--741 8869K55X On* Off On* MS21346--271 8868K52 8866K52 MS21347-271 8869K52 8867K52 MS21347-771 8869K52X None Off On* MS21346--281 8868K56 8866K56 MS21347-281 8869K56 8867K56 MS21347-781 8869K56X On Off On* MS21346--311 8868K53 8866K53 MS21347-311 8869K53 8867K53 MS21347-811 8869K53X None On On* MS21346--321 8868K58 1 8866K58 1 MS21347-321 8869K58 1 8867K58 1 MS21347-821 8869K58X 1 On - - MS21347-331 8869K59 1 8867K59 1 MS21347-831 ! 8869K59X 1 On On* - - MS21347-351 8869K10 1 8867K510 1 MS21347-851 8869K510X 1 On* On On* - - MS21347-341 8869K511 1 8867K511 1 MS21347-841 8869K511X 1 Circuit with lever in One Pole Two Pole

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