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ACCESSORIES GILL BATTERIES aviall ability aviall.com 1360 TDMC battery charger. Features adjustable amperage in 0.5A increments for 12 and 24 volt batteries; circuit protection (reverse and short circuit protected); 24-hour selectable timer with LED display; offers cur- rent or constant voltage methods for the most efficient charging; once the constant current mode times out, the charger reverts to float charging at the selected voltage (12V or 24V), keeping the battery fully charged. Operating Part No. Input Output Temperature Weight TDMC90 115 - 230 VAC @ 50-60 Hz, 2 Amps 14.4 or 28.8 VDC, 0 - 4 Amps 20 F to 120 F 9 pounds Sump Jar assemblies. Available in different configurations for ease of installation. Part No. Description TBP3600-04 Sump jar assembly TBP3600-02 Sump jar assembly TBP3600-03 Sump jar assembly TBP3600-05 Sump jar assembly Connectors. Cannon and Elcon connectors for replacement or new installations. Part No. Description 8003 Cannon connector 7016-1 Elcon connector with T-handle 7007 Elcon connector 7013 Elcon connector Miscellaneous battery accessories & hydrometers. Part No. Description TBP3621 Elbow, 90 vent. Acid-resistant neoprene for hose and sump jar connections. TBP3612 Sump jar pad TBP3607 Sump jar seal FR-1 Hydrometer. Small hydrometer with a float range of 1.100 to 1.300 specific gravity- used to determine the battery's state of charge. Electrolyte. 1.285 specific gravity available in 2 quart and 3 quart packs, 12 quarts to a case. Part No. Description DT 2 quart 1.285 s.g. electrolyte DT3QT 3 quart 1.285 s.g. electrolyte TBP3600-04 TBP3600-03 TBP3600-02 TBP3600-05 Cannon8003 Elcon7016-1 Elcon7007 Elcon7013 TBP3621 TBP3612 FR-1 TSC01V 24VDC battery charger. Features "smart" state-of-the-art software; charger starts when battery requires charge; adjusts to all Gill 24-volt batteries; LED progress indicators; microprocessor allows charging to be precisely tailored to match battery requirements; "smart" circuit will not overcharge battery; circuit protection (reverse and short circuit protection); no voltage at output when not connected to battery; sleep mode when battery is charged. Operating Part No. Input Output Temperature Weight TSC01V 110-120 VAC @ 60 Hz 3.4 Amps 27 VDC Nominal 7.7 Amps 23 F to 104 F 3.3 pounds Electrolyte

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