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ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS LAMAR ELECTRICAL aviall ability aviall.com 1371 Regulators & Electrical Components Lamar components have been and will continue to be original equipment on many single and twin engine aircraft. Lamar Airframe Piper Other Aircraft Part No. Description Part No. Manufacturer Models Applications Type A00258-1 Switch, alternator INOP 587863F Piper PA23 Series Apache Light twin 36-380000-1 Beech PA30 Twin Comanche Light twin PA39 Twin Comanche Cr Light twin PA38 Tomahawk Light single PA28 Series Cherokee Light single PA32 Series Cherokee 6, Lance, Saratoga H-P single PA34-200T Seneca Light twin PA34-220T Seneca Light twin Maule A00258-2 Switch, alternator INOP 587863F Piper PA23 Series Apache Light twin 36-380000-3 Beech PA31 Series Navajo, Chieftain, Mojave Cabin class twin A-00258-2 Twin Commander PA34 Seneca Light twin PA31P Twin Commander 700 Maule, Questair A10294-1 Dimmer control (POT) Maule B00266-2 Overvoltage relay 28 V, Piper 484182E Piper PA23-235 Islander: BN2A, BN2B, BN2T Light twin see also B00331-2 OS75-28 Electrodelta PA23-250 BN2T-4 Light twin V2510A Zeftronics PA31 Series Trislander: BN2A MK II Series Cabin class twin PA36 Series H-P single B00267-2 Single engine regulator 14 V 169-380063 Beech Bellanca: 7GCAA, 7ECA, 7GCBC VR200A Electrodelta 7KCAB, 8KCAB; R1510L Zeftronics Commander: 112, B, TC, TCA; Beech: 19, 19A, B19, M19A, 23, 23A, A23A, A23-19, A23-24, B23, C23, A24, A24R, B24R, C24R, S35, V35, V23TC; Piper: PA24-260, 400, PA28-140, 150, 151, 160, 161, 180, 235, 236, 201T, PA28R-180, 200, 201, 201T, PA28S-160, 180, PA28RT-201, 201T, PA32-260, 300, PA32S-300, PA32RT-300, 300T, PA32R-301, 301T, PA32-301, 301T, PA38-112; Grumman: AA-18, AA-1C B00269-2 Dimmer, solid state 456733 Piper PA23 Series B00269-3 Dimmer, solid state 456735 D Piper PA23 Series B00269-4 Dimmer, solid state 456743 Piper PA23 Series B00269-5 Dimmer, solid state 456734 D Piper PA23 Series B00269-6 Dimmer, solid state 456731 D Piper PA31 Series PA31 T Series B00270-2 Time delay, electronic 587792 D Piper PA31 Series PA31 T Series B00273-1 Dimmer, solid state 456747 C Piper PA42-1000 Series B00273-2 Dimmer, 28 V, 2.5 A (no pot) 456733 B00273-3 Dimmer, solid state 456746 C Piper PA23 Series B00286-1 Regulator, 28 V, parallel OP 550390 Piper PA23-235 Cessna: 421, 414, 402, 340, 310 (twin) VR810 Electrodelta PA23-250 9910126-3 Cessna PA31 Turbo PA300 PA-31-325 PA31-350 PA31P PA34-220T

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