Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 1374 Electrical & Batteries

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS LAMAR ELECTRICAL aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1374 Lamar Airframe Piper Other Aircraft Part No. Description Part No. Manufacturer Models Applications Type B00371-9 Alternator control, 14 V load Enstrom B00371-W114 Alternator control, 14 V load Lance Air B00372-1 IE Alternator control, 28 V 102-384038-1 Beech B00374-1 Overvoltage relay 14 V B00374-2 Overvoltage relay 28 V Fox 51 Agusta B00375-1 Monitor, low voltage B00375-1 Twin Commander 690C 690D 695 695A B00375-10 Monitor, low voltage B00375-2 Monitor, low voltage 475272 C Piper PA31P PA31T Series PA34 Series PA46-310 PA46-350 PA31 Series B00375-3 Monitor, low voltage NDN Aircraft LTD B00375-4 Monitor, low voltage 596778 C Piper PA28 Series PA32 Series PA44 Series B00378-1 Monitor, low voltage, 14 V Enstrom B00378-2 Monitor, low voltage B00378-3 Monitor, low voltage B00378-4 Monitor, low voltage, 14 V B00378-4 Experimental Enstrom, Wag-Aero B00378-5 Monitor, low voltage, 28 V B00378-5 Experimental Enstrom, Wag-Aero, Schweizer B00379-1 Alternator control, 14 V Sequoia B00380-1 Alternator INOP, pulsing 36-380000-9 Beech B00382-1 Alternator control, 28 V load 598593 F Piper PA31P-350 PA31T PA34 PA46-310 PA46-350 PA31 B00386-1 Monitor, high voltage, 14 V W B00387-1 Regulator, 28 V 36-38009 Beech B00392-1 Alternator control, 14 V, Piper 584400 C Piper PA44-180 PA44-180OT B00392-SP Alternator control, 14 V, ME Slingby Aviation B00393-1 Motor control 572649 D Piper PA46-310P PA60-700P B00396-1 Dimmer assembly, 14 V/28 V Taylor A/C Maule, Enstrom, Schweizer B00396-2 Dimmer assembly, 14 V/28 V B00396-2 Experimental Wag-Aero B00397-1 Alternator control, 28 V, ME Central Air Lines B00398-1 Alternator control, 28 V, (M Slingby Aviation B00398-2 Alternator control, 28 V, (M Aerofab B00402-1 Alternator control, 28 V Agusta Hawker Pacific B00403-1 Regulator 28 V 35-380093-3 Beech Mooney: M20C, M20D, M20E, M20F; 880016-501 Mooney Beech: H35, J35, K35, M35, N35, P35, R15300 Zeftronics S35, V35, V35TC, V35A, V35B, 36, A36 VR415 ref. F Electrodelta 33, A33, B33, C33, E33, C33A, E33A, E33C, F33A, F33C B00404-1 Regulator B00405-1 Alternator control, 28 V Schweizer B00406-1 Alternator control, 28 V B00495-1 Schweizer DC01 Dimmer control unit DG01 Overvoltage sensor, 14 V C593001-0101 Cessna Cessna: 152, 172, R172, T41D, 180, OS100-0101 Electrodelta A185, 210, T210, V206, TV206, 207 V25101 Zeftronics T207, 177, 177RG, P210, R182 DG02-2 Overvoltage sensor, 28 V C593003-0102 Cessna Cessna: 152, 172, R172, T41D, 180, V25101 Zeftronics A185, 210, T210, V206, TV206, 207, T207, 177, 177RG, P210, R182 DG04 Overvoltage relay 14 V 450397 Piper DG05 Overvoltage relay 28 V 550382 Piper DGC6 Connector kit

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