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VENTED FILLER CAPS REBLING ELECTRICAL aviall ability aviall.com 1393 700240 & 700250 Vented Filler Caps Rebling 700240 & 700250 vented filler caps are designed for use on nickel-cadmium battery cells. They pro- vide for automatic venting of gases within the cell while preventing leakage of the electrolyte. When installed on the battery cell, the vented filler cap O-ring is compressed, sealing the filler cap-battery cell interface. A rubber vent sleeve is expanded during assembly to fit over the filler cap system through which the internal gases of the cell can escape. As pressure within the cell increases, the rubber vent sleeve is displaced outwardly allowing the cells internal gases to vent to the atmosphere. The rubber vent sleeves are designed to open and close between a pressure range of 2-10 PSI. The vented filler caps are designed with a bayonet-type locking mechanism and can be easily installed or removed from the nickel-cadmium cells using Rebling's 700260 universal vent wrench. They are molded from a polymide material which is resistant to attack from the cells electrolyte. Both the O-ring and the and the vent are made from ethylene propylene rubber, which provides maximum chemical resistance as well as performance stability over a wide temperature range. 700240 vented filler cap. QPL LISTED FOR MIL-B-81757; CONFORMS TO M81757/2-1. 700240 caps are used on 10, 20, and 30 ampere-hour cells in batteries conforming to MIL-B-81757/1. Part No. Description 700240 Vented filler cap 700250 vented filler cap. CONFORMS TO MIL-B-81757/10, MS-3510-1, AND MS75046-1. 700250 caps are used on 6 ampere-hour cells in batteries conforming to MIL-B81757/10. Part No. Description 700250 Vented filler cap 700247 vented filler cap. CONFORMS MS3510-1B. 700247 caps can be used interchangeably on any nickle cadmium batteries accepting Rebling 700240 vented filler caps. Part No. Description 700247 Vented filler cap

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