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aviall ability aviall.com 1413 CYLINDER & VALVE ASSEMBLIES AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT 891000 and 801307 Series cylinder and valve assemblies. CONFORMS TO ALL DOT REGULATIONS. These metal-seated, slow opening cylinder and valve assemblies were designed especially for 1850 psi aircraft oxygen service. Their hard metal seat and metal poppet reduce over-pressurization hazards. They also feature low operating torque and a metering pin with a slow opening design. This pin control flow vs. turns and opens to a controlled schedule. The 891000 and 801307 series all have special features for easy operation, low maintenance, and high performance. The Basic Valve Assembly The valve's rising stem has lubricated threads that are not exposed to oxygen. The self-energized, filled Teflon stem seal is designed for a long life and requires no periodic tightening. Inlet and outlet port filters prevent foreign matter from entering the valve. The pressure gauge incorporates a low profile mount to ensure proper gauge face orientation. A pressure sealing outlet cap assembly maintains sealing during charged cylinder storage. The overpressure safety relief device is approved by the Bureau of Explosives. The safety outlet is available with optional connections for overboard venting of oxygen from the safety relief valve. The valve assembly can be ordered separately using the 801308 series part number. The following building block will provide the valve assembly part number for ordering. The last two digits (-_ _) determine the body and gauge assembly, and safety outlet assembly, as required. Basic Unit Part Number 801308 - 1 801333-01 No guage guard (1.91 lbs.) 0 MS 33656-E4 outlet part no. 800844-00 (0.19 lbs.) 2 80133-02 With guage guard (2.06 lbs.) 4 MS 33656-E5 outlet part no. 800844-01 (0.19 lbs.) 1 MS 33649-5 outlet part no. 801153-00 (0.09 lbs.) 2 .625-20 UN-3A outlet part no. 800843-00 (0.17 lbs.) 3 MS 33656-E4 outlet part no. 22606-1 (0.17 lbs.) 3 80133-03 Safety outlet assemblies (1.90 lbs.) Body and Gauge Assemblies Safety Outlet Assemblies 5 1 /8ANPT port part no. 10722 (0.16 lbs.) 6 No overboard provision part no. 2814 (0.11 lbs.) 7 AND 10050-5 port part no. 10689 (0.10 lbs.) 9 MS 33656-E5 outlet part no. 22608-2 (0.13 lbs.)

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