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AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1420 898 Series composite cylinder and regulator assemblies. CONFORMS TO D.O.T. REGULATIONS. 898 Series cylinder and regulator assemblies are self-con- tained, high pressure fixed oxygen sources that supply reduced pressure aviation grade oxygen (per Military Specification MIL-PRF-27210, Type I) to crew members and passengers. Each 898 consists of a cylinder on which a manually operated regulator is installed. Cylinders are either a composite (Kevlar fiber-wrapped aluminum) or steel construc- tion. The number of and size of the cylinders selected will be determined by applica- ble FAR's, number of passengers and the general flight profile of the aircraft. The regulator reduces high pressure oxygen, stored in the cylinder, to a lower pressure suitable for use with orifice-type or demand-type mask assemblies. Regulators are either of a toggle-type or lever-type. Typically, the toggle-type regulators are used for applications where the oxygen system remains in the "ON" position while the lever- type regulators are attached to a cable system for remote ON/OFF actuation. The number of cylinder and regulator assemblies and the correct cylinder size required are determined by applicable FARs, number of passengers, and the general flight profile of the aircraft. Each part number contains 9 digits (excluding hyphens), made of four sections, as described below. Basic Series Number 898 - 0 CYLINDER & REGULATOR ASSEMBLIES REGULATOR ASSEMBLY OPTIONS No. Regulator Part Number Material AT 803946-01 Composite BT 803946-02 Composite CT 804034-01 Steel DT 804034-02 Steel FT 803946-04 Composite GT 803946-05 Composite HT 803946-03 Composite JT 803946-06 Composite KT 803946-07 Composite LT 803946-08 Composite MT 803946-06 Composite NT 803946-09 Composite AL 803980-01 Composite BL 803980-02 Composite CL 804035-01 Steel DL 804035-02 Steel CYLINDER FINISH No. Description 0 Green* CYLINDER ASSEMBLY OPTIONS Oxygen Volume No. Material Cubic Feet (Liters) Cylinder Part Number C22 Composite 22.8 (646) 804047-01 C40 Composite 40.0 (1130) 804047-05 C50 Composite 50.1 (1419) 804047-02 C77 Composite 77.1 (2183) 804047-03 C15 Composite 115.7 (3277) 804047-04 S22 Steel 22.8 (646) 804048-01 S39 Steel 39.4 (1116) 804048-02 S49 Steel 49.8 (1410) 804048-03 S66 Steel 66.0 (1869) 804048-04 S76 Steel 76.5 (2166) 804048-05 S15 Steel 115.0 (3257) 804048-06 * The composite cylinder is green number 14187 per FED STD-595, and the steel cylinder is green number 24062 per FED STD-595, both callout code "0" Figure 1

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