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CYLINDER & VALVE ASSEMBLIES AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1424 6350 Series cylinder and valve assembly. DOT 3AA AND 3HT CYLINDERS CONFORM TO ALL DOT REGULATIONS. The Avox Systems 6350 Series provides safety and high performance while requiring minimal maintenance. It features a slow opening valve that needs only fingertip operation. This cylinder and valve assembly is available with several special options for easy operation. The main feature of the Avox 6350 Series is the slow opening forged brass valve. This slow opening feature protects the entire system against sudden pressure surges and minimizes the possibility of charging compression effects. Designed with a tapered conical head and matching KEL-F81 seat, this valve allows safe gas flow rates until it is fully opened at 4 1 /2 turns. The seat is enclosed in metal to protect maximum surface from exposure to high pressure oxygen. Other aspects of the assembly include fingertip torque operation, a drain tube that prevents mois- ture and foreign matter from entering the valve and an over-pressure safety device. If over-pressurized, a shear type safety disc ruptures and allows the oxygen to escape into an overboard dump line. The ruptured disc is retained, preventing plugged lines. A contents gauge, calibrated 0 to 2000 psi, shows cylinder pressure and is flush mounted directly to the valve body forging, reducing protrusion and the possibility of damage. The Basic Valve Assembly This basic valve assembly can be ordered separately by using the 10850 or 810850 basic part number. The following building block will provide the valve assembly part number in either case. Basic Unit Part Number 10850 or 810850 - 10850 SERIES -1 21217 flush mounted gauge, 10861-01 body assembly (1.45 lbs.) -2 2661-3 gauge ( 1 /8" ANPT) and 10861-02 body assembly (1.35 lbs.) -3 No gauge, 10861-03 body assembly (1.15 lbs.) -5 No gauge, 10861-05 body assembly -6 No gauge, 10861-06 body assembly 810850 SERIES -1 part no. 800887-00 body assembly (1.61 lbs.) with Part No. 21217 flush mounted gauge and gauge guard 1 No overboard provision part no. 2814 2 AND 10050-5 port Part No. 10689 5 Protectove shipping plug no provision for piping overboard 6 1 /8 ANPT port part no. 10722 7 MS 33656-4 outlet part no. 22606-1 8 MS 33656-4 outlet part no. 22608-1 9 MS 33656-5 outlet part no. 22608-2 0 5 /8 -20 thread; mates with W. Kidde nut no. 25976 outlet part no. 800843-00 A MS 33656-4 outlet part no. 800844-00 B MS 33656-5 outlet part no. 800844-01

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