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CREW MASKS AVOX SYSTEMS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 1432 359 Series crew oxygen breathing system. TSO-C78 APPROVED. The Avox 359 Series crew oxygen breathing system includes two differ- ent mask suspensions and two different types of mask-mounted regulators, providing breathing protection to a cabin altitude of 40,000 feet. Any of the masks can be combined with either of the regulators to best satisfy the aircraft, FAA and TSO requirements. 358-643C 00-5989 322-70 Vent Valve System see description below Vent-Valve System. In emergency situations where smoke or noxious fumes are present, the smoke goggle cavity could become contaminated and reduce the effectiveness of air crew personnel. The Avox Vent-Valve System, in conjunction with the regulator emergency pressure feature, is designed to combat this problem. Operated by a manual push-pull control knob (A) located on the nosepiece of the mask, the vent-valve (B) diverts a small flow of oxygen from the mask into the goggle area, thereby raising the pressure and purging smoke or fumes to the ambient. A B 1. 358-1445V-01 Folding Quik-Don ! wide with vent-valve A. 358-1449V-01 Folding Quik-Don ! with vent-valve B. 358-1449V-02 Folding Quik-Don ! with vent-valve (special harness for USAF) C. 358-1449V-03 Folding Quik-Don ! with vent-valve (special harness for USAF) 6. 358-1448V-01 Spe-Don ! wide with vent-valve 8. 358-1490V Horse collar style mask and head harness with vent-valve (not shown) 9. 358-1448V-03 Spe-Don ! wide with vent-valve and pull-the-dot fastener Note: Masks have not been FAA/TSO qualified for wear over beards or heavy facial hair growth. Facial hair that crosses sealing surfaces can seriously degrade the performance of these masks. Mask & Suspension 359 Series Crew Oxygen Breathing System Ordering Information The Avox 359 Series crew masks are available with two types of head harness suspensions: the folding Quik-Don type and the Spe-Don type. The folding Quik-Don offers easy one hand donning. The Spe-Don Mask with a flexible strap suspension is intended for use in applications where the quick donning requirement is not FAA mandated. All masks use a silicone rubber facepiece with an extra wide face seal flange designed for additional comfort, and a formed plastic outer shell to which the suspension is attached. To assure the mask is ideally suited to your purpose, write the individual part number from each column of the building block in the appropriate boxes. Use the resulting complete part number to order.

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